Review: The Room: A Novel by Jonas Karlsson



First, thank you to blogger Finding Time To Write who brought this little gem of a book to my attention!

The Story

Bjorn is a new employee in a Sweedish government agency or department. He displays tremendous leadership, produces outstanding work, and then goes to rejuvenate in a special room. Or does he?

My Thoughts

I loved the review of this book linked at the top, but finding the phrase “this Kafkaesque masterpiece” in the Amazon blurb decided it–I had to read it. I listened to the audio and, the two readers sounding much alike, the story tone not that different, I occasionally forgot it was a new book and thought I was listening to a new tale of hapless Andrew Less from the Pulitzer-prize winning, Less by Andrew Sean Greer that I reviewed here.

I loved this fun little book. I think I’ve been Bjorn, worked with Bjorn, been scorned by Bjorn (sorry–I couldn’t resist that), and have been to that room or been kept out of that room. Like reading a Dilbert cartoon or watching The Office, if you’ve worked in a bureaucratic position you know this story. It’s the perfect quick read for office workers stuck working at home while we all self-isolate. I will definitely enjoy more of this author’s work in the years to come. This was his debut, but he has since written two more such books.

The Room: A Novel by Jonas Karlsson

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