Top Ten Tuesday: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names


First–what a fun and brilliant topic this week! Band names! Yes!

Second–I haven’t necessarily read these.

Third–these are not in any “ranked” order.




Magnolia Table--an all Sorority Girl Southern Rock Band. They wear Lily Pulitzer Pink and Green and Doc Martin’s.  They each have a magnolia tattoo-ed somewhere that shouldn’t show–but does!



Euphoria: A techno-influenced band who are dressed exclusively by Bridge & Burn known more for their signature coffee (Euphoria Ethiopian) and the do-good things they pursue with the profits it brings in.



Gibbsville, PA: Swing band with an old-style crooner. Big in martini bars. Crooner Emmanuel Rhodes and his “girl” singer, brassy, bold, Charaime Rivabianchi have brought Crooner music back.



The Splendid and the Vile: Old-school Grunge Band from Eton, known for their posh voices and mannerisms until the “light up” on stage. They rip their lovely lounge suits off on stage to reveal grunge gear among other set pieces.



Waves of Mercy: Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) band with a 13-year-old girl lead singer. Her “Granny” is their manager. Got flack for their song “Modest Really Is Hottest,” but followed it up with a song and teen Bible Study that broke sales records.



Midnight in Chernobyl: Ukrainian blues/jazz ensemble with notes of R&B who use the balalaika in their ensemble and sing about icons, saints, candles, alcoholism, radiation, and the lack of redemption in their blues songs.


51OR2lf5-aL._SY346_ Cantaloupe Smoothie: A Mamas/Papas meets the Beach Boys sound. Recorded the official “anthem” of U.S. Beach Volleyball. Known for retro-80s pastel clothing and their line of beach and swim attire.



The Art of Cuphead: [Known generally as just Cuphead] Zydeco band with a Haitian lead singer and an 80-year-old Cajun fiddler and his 75-year-old brother on accordion. Caused outrage when they posed for their latest photo shot wearing Dashikis made out of the Louisiana flag.



Tarragon Hair:  International band of technies–from India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Singapore and Beloit, Wisconsin whose sound is not quite country, not quite rock. They use instruments as varied as an electric Sitar and an old country saw to make their ethnic-fusion sounds. All claim the name “Pradeep” in honor of the computer science T.A. in whose class they met during college. They have songs about cricket, Irish hurling, discrimination, call centers, deer season, and all sorts of other quirky things. An NPR favorite.



Jellico Road: [Often mistakenly called Jericho Road]. A big-time country band whose name comes from the street in a suburban Macon, Georgia subdivision where the three principal performers grew up. Maddy Clarkson–wrote 125 for her old address. It was a debut smash. They followed it up with 419 (Jeremiah Downy) and 311 (Kirby Matthews). Maddy’s dog, Jellico, is as well known as the band. She’s a blue tick hound.



Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!

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