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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child


I loved listening to my Mom read aloud to me! So did my older brother. Mom read aloud to us even in high school if we wanted her to. I loved that. I became a reader a little late–I read, but having the joy of Mom reading big books made the ones I could manage seem insignificant. In Middle School, after meeting a local author and with the encouragement of a teacher who saw my interests and didn’t just shove “good” books at me, but tailored the selections to my interests, I became a reader. Then I discovered the Civil War, Bruce Catton and GWTW. The rest is history (pun intended). Harry Potter? If Mom had read it aloud to my big brother I’d have loved it–otherwise probably not. I’d have needed his “approval.”

In this post, I covered my favorite childhood books.

Having raised my kids and followed books avidly, I have easily identified over the years a variety of titles I know I would have loved. Like many an other parent, I picked tons of books for my kids that I would have loved as a child.

I’ve enjoyed reading these even as an adult! They were MADE for me! Dear American and My Name is America. Yes, I’d have loved the Royal Diaries series, too.



Dolls involved with history might have got my attention! I did play Barbies with friends tons so don’t worry. I also played with a friend’s Little People “world”–we spent whole Saturdays living in Little People land. lol. But these books, regardless of the dolls, would have held my attention. I don’t know about the newer ones though.


I well-remember the debut of Garfield in the comics—he was from my hometown! Grumpy Cat would have also been beloved by my childhood self. I would also have been crazy about LOL Cats, too.


This book would have been beloved! It is an amazing book for ALL ages. Anastasia’s Album.


This whole series would have kept me quiet for years. DK Eyewitness Books



We had horses until I was seven. I’d have imagined myself as the rider in this book.



I have posted these books SO. MANY. TIMES. but I love them. I think I’d have loved them as a kid too! My Mom understood most British things from her own reading so she’d have helped with anything I didn’t understand. The Casson Family series by Hilary McKay.


These two series I’ve also posted to death. I wish I’d known of Elizabeth Enright’s books back then–they were certainly around. I also wish there’d been a late 60s/70s version of The Penderwicks.


Where WAS this when I was about 11?? I wore out my brother’s Beatles sheet music book. I even learned to transpose so I could play the songs on a clarinet or bass clarinet. I played them for hours. This would have been PERFECT!  Lennon McCartney Lyrics Coloring Book.



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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child

  1. The Dear America/Royal Diaries and American Girl books were definitely reading staples for me, as were the Eyewitness books. I did not ever come across Anastasia’s Album, but I absolutely love books in scrapbook form and I’ve been trying to build up a master list of them to check out when interlibrary loan gets back up and running — thanks for the tip.

    A Very Young Rider is on my list of books to look for — I read a few of this authors books from the 80s growing up and when I looked them up last month, this one looked even better. I also came across this wonderful link from 2005 where someone interviewed the girl in the book, all grown up, about her life (and the pony’s life) since!



  2. Parents and teachers can play such a huge role! We had a few of the American Doll books too for our kids growing up. And the Penderwicks books I’ve heard really good things about!

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  3. Great list! I love the DK books too. I used to love getting them from the library for my kids, because it gave me a great excuse to enjoy them too. 🙂 I wish the Dear America books had been around when I was a kid too. I think I would have been fascinated!

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