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Top Ten Tuesday: The Last 10 Books I Abandoned


I do not waste time on books I do not like. Like leaving dishes in the sink at night, it does not bother me at all!


1. A Net Galley of a forth-coming royal novel. Too many silly mistakes, including one on the explanation of royal names page. If you are not a fanatic on stuff like this, you’ll likely enjoy it so I’m not giving the title. Hint: This is the author’s second such novel.


2. The Green Road by Anne Enright. “With language so vibrant it practically has a pulse, Enright makes an exquisitely drawn case for the possibility of growth, love and transformation at any age.” People  From my review: “My snarky side says this one all that praise for mentioning masochistic homosexual sex. That follows most of a chapter trying to wax eloquent about butchering a chicken, more on disagreeable fictional people’s sex lives than I ever wanted to know.”


3. My Coney Island Baby: A Novel by Billy O’Callaghan. “Radiant with beauty, longing, and desire, and deeply touching,….” should have been enough warning. I liked the idea–a middle-aged couple, meeting for sex and a re-connect, but it just wasn’t to be. In my review I mentioned, “I got so sick of hearing ‘the tip of her pink tongue.'”


4. Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk by Kathleen Rooney Maybe it was the reader? I don’t know. The story had tremendous promise, but Lillian just seemed obnoxious.


5. Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come... by Jessica Pan. I did not finish this audiobook, not out of any dislike of the story, but because an American reader reading British English is cognitive dissonance. It does not work. ‘I’ll meet you at the lifts’ is pretentious out of an American voice.”


6. Normal People by Sally Rooney. “Can I cum in your mouth” is not great, award-winning literature.


7.  The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden. “You is….” slave-speak? Oh please! And forced slave-sex? No thanks. Threw this mess back.


8. Compass by Mathias Enard. Sadly, this book just didn’t catch and keep my attention no matter how many times I tried. I tried to read this for the Fitzcarraldo Editions Challenge.

Some others that I just did not like:



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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The Last 10 Books I Abandoned

  1. This is refreshing; I should abandon more books. Often I trudge on because I agreed to review the book or it’s for a book club, etc. Is the first one you mention the one I just commented on on Goodreads — about the Queen Mum?

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  2. I also abandoned Bowlaway and Normal People. I haven’t tried any of the others!

    But I’m curious about the first on this post That Shall Not Be Named! Does it have anything to do with Lady Clementine?? (I don’t expect you to actually tell me, but I enjoy the sleuthing!)

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      1. I have a huge collection of Churchill books and have read most of them. I wasn’t happy with the most recent bio of Clementine nor with a historical fiction novel about Jennie Churchill either. It happens when you’ve done too much research. I very likely would enjoy a book by the author on someone with whom I was not very familiar.

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  3. I agree – I have no problem DNFing a book if I’m not enjoying it. Once in a while I’ll come back to a DNF book at a later point, either if I hear something positive that makes me curious or if I realize that I may just have read it when I wasn’t in the mood for that subject matter.

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