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Books With Recorded Music on the Cover


I had a similar model only black.

One of the few regrets I have in life is that, when we moved here to Ohio almost 13 years ago I gave up my “records.” Mind you, I had a rare Beatles album and some other treasures like my 8th-grade band album, but they went to Goodwill. I have been cursing that decision ever since. So, to soothe my soul a little, I started with one, then two, book covers with “records” or other recorded music on the cover. I’m old–“vinyl” doesn’t come naturally to me. “Record,” or “album,” or “45” if it was one song per side, those are my terms. I also have had cassettes, a Walkman that saved my sanity on the horrible excuse for public transportation that existed in Indianapolis in the mid-1980 (and sadly still exists, just as bad, today), plus a fine collection of CDs stolen from my car as it sat in the driveway of our Louisville rental home one summer.

The “Play” List



The Forensic Records Society by Magnus Mills.Β  Thanks to blogger Annabookbel for bringing this one to my attention.



French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain. Thanks to blogger Annabookbel for also bringing this one to my attention. This one was already on my TBR, but I’d forgotten it.



I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson is a favorite of mine. I love this cover for it too. The other covers are fine, but this one is so great for the story. I instantly here the song by my childhood favorite, David Cassidy and the mythical Patridge Family. Read my review here.



Designed for Hi-Fi Living: The Vinyl LP in Midcentury America by Janet Borgerson and Jonathan Schroeder. What’s not to love about this cover?



The Music Shop: A Novel by Rachel Joyce only hints at a record, but I’ve included it because the whole story concerns vinyl LPs. Read my review here.



Greyhound: A Novel by Stephan Piper a road-trip and coming-of-age story I loved. Read my review here.



The New Analog: Listening and Reconnecting in a Digital World by Damon Krukowski



Telegraph Avenue: A Novel by Michael Charbon has been on my TBR since it was published. It, too, has a new cover that is ok–one of those author-brand covers is the last one I saw for it. I love the red and the record on this one.

Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell–I saw the British cover (left) on social media. The US cover is pretty drab by comparison, but both have “records” on the cover. You can pre-order this book now. It releases on July 14.



The Beginner’s Guide to Vinyl by Henna Miles

I’m sure there are book covers with a CD in the design, but Google wasn’t very helpful with that. It kept giving me books of cover designs or cd cover!

Can you add titles to this list? Leave me a comment or link to your own post!

13 thoughts on “Books With Recorded Music on the Cover

  1. I can’t think of any books with records on the cover, but I really loved records as a child. My sister and I would put a record on the record player in our playhouse and set Little People on the record as it played (inside the needle, of course) — it was their skating rink. Then all the memories of records getting “stuck”, etc. Great memories!

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  2. I had Musical May! I mostly read music-themed books. One of them was Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson, which has a casette on the cover. High Fidelity may work too. I am sure there must be a version with records on the cover.

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  3. Darling… you missed two Nick Hornby novels – High Fidelity and Juliet Naked – almost all the covers I’ve seen of the former have a record on them in one form or another, and a couple book covers of the later do as well (especially the ones that were put out as a movie tie-in edition).

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