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Review: The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley


The Story

Aging artist, Julian, starts the journey of a green exercise book he titles “The Authenticity Project,” by writing his own “authentic” story of his current life and leaves it in a local cafe. It travels a bit, in the neighborhood, and much farther, and is sometimes helped along on its journey by the latest author. Some well-intentioned ‘social engineering’ takes place by those who have read the entries and easily identify the author’s who have signed their work and are in the neighborhood of the cafe. But is all the authenticity really authentic?

My Thoughts

This is a sweet, fun book, that makes you wish you lived in that neighborhood! I especially liked the story of the Instagram Mommy-Influencer and that of Julian’s late wife. This is a perfect poolside read or a behind-your-mask [PLEASE] beach read.

My Verdict


The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley


I’d like Rod Stewart! to play Julian in the movie.

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