20 Books of Summer update–Half Way! 10 Books Finished

20 Books of Summer 2019


My Three “Musts” from my 20 Books of Summer post

1. Groves of Academe by Mary McCarthy (reading this for another challenge)   FINISHED! My Review is here

2. Age of Desire by Jennie Fields  Still in progress

3. Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis Haven’t started

Others Finished

4. Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters by Jennifer Chiaverini. My review is here.

5. As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner. My review is here.

6. The Husband Hunters: American Heiresses Who Married into the British Aristocracy by Anne De Courcy . My review is here.

7. The Pioneers by David McCullogh . My review is here.

8. The Guest List by Lucy Foley. My review is here.

9, The Authenticity Project . My review is here.

10. Passage to India by E.M. Forster. My review is here.

What I’m Reading Now

I’m listening to a post-war British novel. I’m reading a novel for my Reading the World project from a country I haven’t “done” yet. I’m also reading the 6 Degrees of Separation book for July but am nowhere near finishing it on time! I’m avoiding a few Net Galley ones I’m not as interested in reviewing now. I’m waiting for my pre-order of Fast Girls a novel about some of the U.S. women in the Berlin Olympics, to hit my Kindle. And, my enjoyment of planned reading is returning to my normal feeling of doom. It is back to feeling like homework. It was fun while it lasted though!


6 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer update–Half Way! 10 Books Finished

  1. Well done! I just finished Book 8 so I’m nicely on track although Book 9 is quite a long and complicated one. I don’t mind reading to a plan as my plan was to read the oldest books on my TBR so not too painful.

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