1956 Book Club October 5-11, 2020

Thank you to blogger Stuck in a Book for hosting another year’s club!


I pulled up my 20th Century year-by-year list and found I had a mistake for 1956. I had the fabulous Eloise by Kay Thompson, but have since discovered it was published in 1955. I was using Best-Seller lists. I’ll be editing that post when I have a chance. Finally, I found a few books I’d read from 1956.


1956 Books I’ve Read


The Nun’s Story by Kathryn Hulme became a fabulous film starring Audrey Hepburn. I’ve read the book twice and watched the movie many more times.



James Bond was a hit series with its fourth book, Diamonds are Forever by Ian Fleming, appearing in 1956. I’ve read all of Fleming’s Bond books and enjoyed them.



Peyton Place by Grace Metalious is perhaps the best-remembered book of the year due to a movie and soap-opera of the same name. It’s still a great read.


What I Might Read


I’m not yet sure what I’ll read for the Club but Agatha Christie’s 1956 book, Dead Man’s Folly, is a possibility given how erratic my attention span has been since corona hit the world. A Family Party by John O’Hara is another possibility if the book I’ve put on hold gets to travel in time. Imperial Women by Pearl S. Buck might be a bit too much for this year, but it remains a possibility and is free on Kindle unlimited.


Do you like participating in events like the #1956 Club? I sure do! It’s a fun way to find interesting books and interesting book bloggers!

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