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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Me Smile


WordPress is being VERY difficult this week. I cannot edit one post at all. I have tried all the suggested stuff I’ve found online, changed theme, and contacted them. Since this is a free blog, I doubt I’ll ever get help till I pay for a more advanced one. GRRRRRRR

The One I Thought of First



The women pulled together. No cliches, no bitchiness. Just pulled together. Did I mention most were over 50? Even nicer. I suppose this one came to mind because there are lots of changes at work right now–probably for everyone, everywhere!


A Bunch of Books


Sweet Bean Paste–sweet is the word, but never cloying or precious! delightful.

Unmarriageable. So fun! I loved it!

Meet Me in Monaco. Swoony!

Traveling Cat Chronicles. A bit of a tear-jerker, but in the sweetest way.

The Flatshare. Oh My!! Love, love, loved this couple!!

Our Souls At Night. Who wouldn’t want this relationship–at any age! My “Must Read Book of 2016”

The Stationery Shop. Young love in that brief period of Westernized Iran. Sweet.

And, two more!


A fond memory



My Mom spent a fortune to send me this book when I was in Peace Corps. It was just what I needed–sweet, light and romantic. I never knock a romance novel. They are fabulous medicine. Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer.

The One I Got My Never-Reads Cousin to Read


…and that we discussed for over 90 minutes by phone! All the feels, indeed, Baby!


ย  Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!




10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Me Smile

  1. Oh no- sorry about the WordPress issues! Hope you are able to get it straightened out with a minimum of fuss. The Lager Queen of Minnesota sounds nice.


  2. I love Meet Me in Monaco and Stationery Shop!

    Iโ€™m sorry youโ€™re having difficulty with WP ….. I suppose youโ€™re tried closing the browser and restarting computer?

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  3. I’m adding Travelling Cat Chronicles and The Stationery Shop and the new book (I’ve read The Flatshare) by Beth O’Leary. Thank you for these suggestions. And I’m glad you were able to fix your trouble with your post.


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