Dewey’s 24-Hour Reverse Readathon: My TBR and other fun stuff!


This bingo card is just one of the fun ways to enjoy the reverse readathon happening today and tomorrow! From 5 p.m. (EST) tonight to 5 p.m. tomorrow read all that you can–or want! You can read more about the readathon HERE.

Beginning with this Reverse Readathon, Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon is hosted by Kate of Kate’s Book Nook and Gabby of Gabs About Books.

My Books

The Ones I Need to Finish

That I need to finish them is no reflection on the book! I’m loving all three–I’ve just had too many books going at once and had to stop and finish a few. Now it is time to finish these and review them.



The Ones I’ve Just Started and am Enjoying

aka The Cuban Trilogy

Two of them will work for Women in Translation Month, and for extending Spanish Lit Month, too. One is translated by a woman, the other is both written by and translated by a woman.

Keeping the stories straight will get challenging though!


Women in Translation Month Possibilities

Both are very short

One for #1956Club in October

Although published as a stand-alone novella, it is really a long short-story.



The Forgotten Net Galley Requests With September Publishing Dates


Knowing me, now that I’ve put these out there I’ll likely end up reading something not on the list!



More Fun During the 24 Hours


You can follow the fun on Twitter or Instagram at #reversereadathon and on partipants’ blogs or you tube channels.

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