Operation Christmas Child: Best New FUN Items to Pack in 2020


Big Kids: Ages 10 to 14

New To Me On Amazon


This Boggle set is 2.01 x 4.29 x 4.29 inches and weighs 0.8 ounces! It’s perfect for big kid boxes. I will definitely be buying more of these next year. So far, I’ve packed 3 this year–I bought by a friend off my Amazon OCC Wish List.



My kids and I used to play this game on paper. The board game version was pretty large–at least the one from the 1980’s or 1990’s. This version comes in a tight-sealing tin and packs nicely in big kid boxes. I’ve packed two of these bought for my boxes off my Amazon OCC Shoebox Wish List by friends. I hope to send more next year.

Note: This is an age group for which more boxes are always needed. Leave me a comment if you need more packing suggestions.

Middle Kids: Ages 5 to 9

New At Dollar Tree This Year



I LOVED Colorforms as a kid. Back then they came in a box and had a “platform” with the scene surface. Cost cutting has give us packable Colorforms! I’ve bought the “paper dolls” like this at Dollar General before, but this year I found these at Dollar Tree–even some boy-friendly ones! These are a great addition to a Middle Kid [ages 5 to 9] box.

Little LEGO Creator Sets


These little LEGO sets may be small and in packed in a bag, but they deliver BIG fun! I love the popcorn man! I found these in the checkout aisle at Target! I closed my eyes and bought 4! I didn’t even wait for Clearance, something I almost never do! Later I found a Frozen set somewhere else and one other. I’ve already packed them all.  Amazon charges a premium price for these, $10.00. Target’s online price for a Minecraft set is only $4.99 which is what I paid for the popcorn guy. Look around in brick/motor stores for a better deal. I rubber band a ziplock bag to the package for storage.


Not New, but Worth Repeating


Again this year, I sent a few of these. I love these carry case sets–this is soccer set is my favorite. What boy wouldn’t love this in a soccer-crazed country? There are many to choose from and Amazon runs them at around $8 to $10 so keep an eye on sets you like for the best deal. I sent a multi-sport one this year as well as a pony set which even features a person of color enjoying the horse, and a couple of others–1 bought by a friend off my OCC Amazon Wish List. There is even a Bunny set with bunnies and their hutches and the girl who loves them–perfect for blogger Girls In White Dresses (hint, hint, Susan!) I love these. I just wish the company would provide more action figures with different skin tones. My boxes have never gone to a majority-white country so I prefer to send darker skin tones. Walmart carries these, too, even some in the stores.


Little Kids

SPARK Car and Animals Set



Most all of my toddler boxes got 2 cars and many also got 2 animals. I LOVE these! I buy them in a big tube-like container at Walmart (I’ve found them at Ollies, too). About $5 for a tube of 6 well-made toys. I divide them among the boxes.


Not New But These Are Still My Favorite Toddler Toy


Almost all my toddler boxes got a Little Person of color. I buy these at Kroger, but Walmart and Amazon carry them, too. The come individually [how I usually buy them] in 2s or bigger sets. Kroger recently marked them all down so I got a cute Frozen set for one box to witch I added a Frozen storybook from Dollar General–a great source of shoebox items. They have AMAZING clearance sales.


You can still get this cute set at Amazon.

For wonderful posts about childhood memories featuring the classic Fisher Price Little People play sets, visit my friend Susan’s blog: Girls In White Dresses

What About You?

Leave me a comment on cool new stuff you’ve found this year, or favorite items to pack for FUN! I’ll be doing more posts on what I like to pack in terms of practical items, too.  Or, leave me a link to your own shoe box posts! To see more of what I pack visit my Instagram account which features my shoe boxes and the pencil/school supply packs I make for the Operation Christmas Child processing centers to put into under-filled shoe boxes. I do this with The Pencil Granny and Friends Facebook Group.

2 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child: Best New FUN Items to Pack in 2020

  1. Love your OCC posts and thanks for the shout outs! Love PlayMobil and I am sure we have that bunny set somewhere. Little People would be a real treat too. I keep collecting stuff up in my closet but can’t think of anything exciting offhand. I need to start dragging things out and sorting it … hard to believe but it’s getting to be that time of year …


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