Dewey’s October 24 Hour #Readathon! Saturday, October 24, 2020, 8 am (EST)

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Get ready, readers! Saturday morning at 8 am (EST) start your reading!

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My Reading Choices

I’ve got some “stragglers” I need to finish– excellent books that have gotten lost due to the reading in my new graduate certificate program. I’ve hit my reading stride with those dull tomes now, so maybe I can get a different book read once in a while? Here’s a look at a few of those:

I have a few new books, too, that might be enjoyable to just lose myself in one.

I also have two diaries I’m reading right now. I sometimes take a few years with these, reading when I have a few minutes here and there. The other is my first experience of Martha Gelhorn’s writing. She is suddenly popular again for obvious reasons.

Finally I have a few fun titles on my Kindle that I keep meaning to read. One is from Netflix and I owe a review. I also have another Muriel Spark.

You all know how this goes, right? Now that I’ve mentioned them as possibilities, it will be like having more homework and I’ll read something else!

Anyone want to vote? Leave me a comment!


2 thoughts on “Dewey’s October 24 Hour #Readathon! Saturday, October 24, 2020, 8 am (EST)

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to take part in a Read-a-thon, not even at my first turn at blogging. I love the idea but they always seem to fall on weekends that are busy for me, as this one does. Oh well. I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to read! I haven’t read any of them so I don’t have any recommendations.


    1. Honestly, that’s usually the case for me too–too much on weekends, but I try to do an hour or so if I can. 24 hours is not doable. I just like the idea of reading with others but not having to be with them! lol Typical introvert!


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