Aus Reading Month 2020

I’m not sure how this one escaped my notice! Australian literature! I have a couple of super friends in different parts of that wonderful nation. I must find something to read!

Here’s the way this challenge will work this year:

This year we also have three new ways for you to make lists and talk about Australian books.
  1. Celebration is all about what you’ve read this year.
    • Simply list, collage and/or discuss the Australian books you’ve read since last AusReading Month. What were your favourites? Which ones can you recommend? Did you favour a certain genre or author this year?
  2. The second part is all about the Anticipation.
    • What do you hope/plan to read for AusReadingMonth 2020 and into the following year. What’s lurking on your TBR pile? How do you find out about Australian books? Which new releases have caught your eye? 
  3. Promotion.
    • This is your chance to shout-out your favourite book event, bookshop, or blogger that features Australian books. You can also promote a publisher or author website that has caught your eye this year.
    • During this ‘unprecedented’ year, our usual way of hearing about new books by attending events at our favourite bookshops or literary festivals has changed. How have you found out about new online book events featuring Australian authors and books? (from Brona’s Books)

That sound fun! I’m not sure how much I can contribute to #3, but I’ll at least get recommendations from my friends.

What I’ve Already Read


What I Own and Might Read

I own The Slap and The Magic Pudding so either of those might be a contender. I’ve enjoyed Jane Harper’s murder mysteries, so I might grab another. We’ll see. I might give Cloudstreet a better try. I didn’t like the audio reader when I tried that version. That does not always mean I won’t like the book. I have often give books a try in the other format if I’m unsure.

More on Aus Lit

For a good look at trends in Aus Lit, Paula Bardell-Hedley at Book Jotter linked us to this article in her weekly wrap-up post recently:

Future Directions of Australian Literature: Ceridwen Dovey, Julie Koh, and Nic Low in Profile By Kiran Bhat.

What about you? Are you doing this challenge? What’s on your reading list for Aus Lit Nov?

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