Nonfiction November: Taking Stock of the Nonfiction I Read This Year

nonficnov2020-998x1024I messed up! Call it senility, or COVID brain or force of habit since I usually have a book review on Mondays, but I intended to post THIS POST yesterday and the book review today. Sorry!! If you missed yesterday’s review of Food for a Younger Land, read it here.

This has been an odd reading year for me. For the first time in 12 years, I do not have my long daily commute on which to enjoy audiobooks. I was averaging about 1 full book per full work week. That changed in March when COVID sent me home for work. I also have enjoyed participating in all kinds of reading challenges, readathons, and similar this year. Finally, in late August I started a 1-year graduate program that has badly impacted my reading. So, while my total reading is down it looks like my nonfiction reading has not suffered too badly from this. Here are this year’s nonfiction books with links to my reviews below the cover photos.

Splendid and the Vile

Lady in Waiting

Castle in Wartime

Travel Light, Move Fast

The Greater Journey

A Bookshop in Berlin

The Season

Hidden Valley Road

The Season: A Summer Whirl Through the English Social Season

Syria’s Secret Library

Wild Horses of the Summer Sun

The Husband Hunters

The Pioneers

Katie @ Doing Dewey, Julie @ Julz Reads, Leann @ Shelf Aware, and Rennie @ What’s NonFiction? are hosting Nonfiction November reading challenge. (There is also a Goodreads Group with the same title,)

Here is their weekly theme schedule:

Week 1: (November 2-6) – Your Year in Nonfiction

The first week you may write a post about the nonfiction you’ve read so far this year.

My 2019 Year in Nonfiction post.

Week 2: (November 9-13) -Book Pairing (nonfiction to fiction)


2019 Pairings post.

Week 3: (November 16-20) –Be The Expert/Ask the Expert/Become the Expert

Not sure about this one? Here’s my post from last year to give you an idea.

Expert Recommendations of Royal Books

Week 4: (November 23-27) –New to My TBR

If you are new to the world of reading challenges, TBR just means your “To Be Read” list/pile/shelf.

2019 New to My TBR


11 thoughts on “Nonfiction November: Taking Stock of the Nonfiction I Read This Year

  1. That looks like a great list, and managing to read those alongside your degree programme is wonderful. Far better than I’ve done this year (my overall reading has slowed as well). I think I’ve read only two non-fiction titles so far Aurangzeb by Audrey Truschke and Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobel. Will try to make some dent in my non-fic TBR this month though.

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  2. I think there are definite reading seasons in life….and this year has certainly been an anomaly! Considering everything, you read a lot of great nonfiction! You need to count the texts you read in your degree program!

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  3. Most of these look wonderful! Although I kind of alternate between fiction and non-, non-fiction often gets me more excited than fiction. It’s a shame you’re missing out on your commuting “reads,” but nice you don’t have to make the drive.

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  4. The loss of commuting time seemed like such a great thing to start (and there are things about it that are great) but the loss of that time for reading/audiobooks/podcasts is much lamented in my world too. And a graduate program!! It’s a wonder you have time to read at all!

    I’ve added a bunch of books from your list to my TBR. You always have excellent royals/royals-adjacent titles which is very much in my wheelhouse!

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  5. I’ve been reading a bit more as getting some early nights; my husband lost his commute but has been going for a long walk every morning with his audio book to claw some book time back, which is a great solution I think! You have a nice varied list there.

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