Diverse December!


“#DiverseDecember is a month of reading and recommending books by Black, brown and indigenous writers. It is an opportunity to discover new books, to consider our reading habits and to make a permanent change in what we choose to read.

The campaign was created in 2015 by Dan Lipscombe in response to an all-white list for World Book Night. This year, The Writes of Woman will be running it in reaction to the pledges many … made to do better following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.” (Writes of Woman)

My Possible Titles

The One I’m Currently Reading


The One I’m Stalling On Finishing


The One I Just Bought


The One I Own I Could Try Again With…this time in print …I failed with the audio


The Ones Languishing on my TBR


Will you be participating in Diverse December? Leave me a comment or link to your post.

2 thoughts on “Diverse December!

  1. I’ve just finished The Good Immigrant US and am about to finish Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, so both of those will count. I’m going to read a couple of novels about contemporary British Asian life, too: I’m trying not to push myself too hard with reading challenges this month!

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