NPR’s Best Books of the Year


You can see the entire list HERE

I always check out which books NPR loves each year. I track those that I read on their own shelf on Goodreads. This year I have read only 4! Not bad for a year in which I did all sorts of reading challenges and in which I lost my two hours per workday of listening to audiobooks on my commute. I usually add a few books from this list to my TBR, too, so in time I will have read more of them.

My reviews:


Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larsen

Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker

2019 Books of the Year Read in 2020

Because the lists generally come on in December, not January of the new year, I also read a few of N


Everything Inside: Stories by Edwidge Danticat

Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga

Past Years Posts

I thought I did this post for 2019?? I read nine of the books!

NPR’s 2018 Books of the Year

What about you? Do you compare your yearly list of books read to any of the “Best Books of the [Year]” posts elsewhere? Tell me where or link to your post.


8 thoughts on “NPR’s Best Books of the Year

  1. I recognised only about 15 of those titles. Not that I’ve read them though – but at least I know the author’s name and the title. Which has me wondering whether a) I’m not that up to date with contemporary fiction or b)a lot of these books haven’t made it to the international stage….


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