Review: The Switch by Beth O’Leary


Breaking News!! I have a new must-read author!! Beth O’Leary has followed up The Flatshare with a book just a great!

My Interest

I loved just about everything in The Flatshare, so I knew I had to read or listen to this one, too. I’m so glad I did!

The Story

Lena has a great life in London. She has flatmates she loves, a great boyfriend, a career… a career that…well…no spoilers.

Up in Yorkshire, her Granny, Eileen, at 79 is stuck in a rut created by the life she led with the husband who ditched her.

Both need a break from their lives. Oh, and then there’s Lena’s Mum, who is still deep in grief. Yeah. That, too.

Lena and Eileen decide to swap lives. No, not in a weird but funny Freaky Friday sort of way–they really just swap residences. So for two month Lena lives at her Gran’s and takes part in her Gran’s activities and Eileen lives in London with Lena’s 20-something aged flatmates.

The result is amazing!

My Thoughts

This book was so much fun. Never did she play on stereotypes of “old” people which was the best part. 79 year old Eileen goes and does what she would have done in her 20s had she not married. Lena, who has been London- and career-centric for most of her 20s puts her talents to use while walking in her Grandma’s footsteps around her hometown. Both learn more than therapy could ever teach.

4 Full Stars

This will be such a cute movie if done right. But I insist on Julie Walters (of course) for Eileen and, of course, Jeremy Irons for Todd!


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7 thoughts on “Review: The Switch by Beth O’Leary

  1. I’m glad you reviewed it; I think I’d enjoy it. I love that it didn’t play on “old people” stereotypes. Now that I’m veering into that territory, I tend to notice books doing that a lot 😦

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    1. I was pleased that for once an “old person” wasn’t given an old person’s name like Gert or Myrtle. After all the Lisas and Karens of the world are getting older! LOL. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Even if there were none of that age born in that person’s lifetime she still gets stuck with an old lady name in most books now.


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