Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday/Seasonal Freebie


My freebie are winter-y or Christmas-y or holiday-y books on my TBR. I have no idea if they’ll get read this year or not! Stay tuned!


I started this one when it came out in 2017, but ran out of Christmas break. I picked it up again last night.It sounds so fun. Covenant Garden as your “office”! Wow!  Covenant Garden in the Snow by Jules Wake.


The last Downton Abbey cookbook I received had too many current day recipes for my taste. I wanted the real deal. I imagine this one is cooked up in the same pot, don’t you? Still, I’m hoping for old-time recipes. The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook by Regula Ysewijn. A reviewer noted that it is great if you shot a lot. [Americans: hunt]. Game birds and similar are featured throughout.


Do I need to read the earlier books? My Mom loved it. Let me know, if you’ve read it–are the earlier books crucial? Royal Holiday by Jasmie Guillory.


Short stories and essays are where I usually fail in Reading Challenges. This one is a book of essays. It’s hitting the right notes with a lot of people–but will my ear hear the same notes? I wonder. I’ll give it a try none-the-less. Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May.


I love older English and Scottish books, don’t you? The author of dear Mrs. Tim of the Regiment has the perfect book for snuggling with cats and hot tea under warm blankets. The problem is there are other novels with some of these characters. I’ll probably just dive in and hope for the best. Who wouldn’t want to read about Rhoda and James and Mamie and Jock? Am I right? Winter and Rough Weather by D.E. Stevenson.


I bought this in hardcover for myself for the Christmas season in 2018, but only got to sample it. I need to read it all. I love the Edwardian period so much. A Country House Christmas by Phyllis Elinor Sandeman.


I saw this on someone’s blog and loved the cover. I hope it’s sweet and wonderful but not cloying and silly. I have a hard time with Christmas fiction because I can’t always turn off my brain and just enjoy the ride. I’ll try hard not to think of the Island of Misfit Toys! Christmas Island by Natlie Normann.


This nonfiction title looks at Christmas traditions before Queen Victoria and after her in the British Royal Family. It sounds wonderful. A Royal Christmas by Louise Cooling.


I’ve added and deleted this one to/from my Amazon wish list so many times! It has a minor royal connection–the Duke of Kent’s daughter, Lady Helen Taylor wrote the introduction for some reason. It just looks fun. Beautiful Christmas Cards by Alexandra Adami.


As Christmas gift for the lovely lady who hosts this meme each week, I’m featuring one of her reviews today. A McMillan Christmas: A Novella. Personally, I’ve sworn off Scottish time travel romances since nearly killing an innocent Orkin man by swerving in shock listening to the HUGE Scottish time travel book with all the sex on my commute several years ago. How, had this been about Uncle Harold and Dorothy or even a tie-in to the wonderful old t.v. show McMillan and Wife, I’d grab it. But number seven in a series probably does require reading a few of the previous books. Who knows though? I might just download it to my Kindle and read it! Thanks, That Artsy Reader Girl for all your work in giving us a fun Tuesday!

Photo credits: Almay; Daily Mail, and TV Guide


Check out the rules at That Artsy Reader Girl and join in next week!

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday/Seasonal Freebie

  1. You don’t have to have read Jasmine Guillory’s other books to enjoy Royal Holiday! Her books are connected in that friends-of are main characters in subsequent books but you don’t need to read them in order. I think she does a great job of setting up each novel on their own. I loved this one!

    A Royal Christmas and A Country House Christmas are very much up my alley, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those.

    I’m not great at reading short story collections but I do alright with essays. I think if you frame them as a chance to dip in and out, maybe while you’re trying to decide what to really read next or as one before bed each night, then they become almost like a treat!

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  2. These are fun to see, and almost all new to me. My favorite wintery read, although it’s admittedly pretty dark, is Ethan Frome.


  3. The cookbook looks great; it brought back so many memories, guess it’s time for me to rewatch the show. Wintering looks great too. And didn’t Stevenson write Miss Buncle’s Book? Have heard good things about that one


  4. I love all these covers together! I’ve read Royal Holiday, and relaly enjoyed it. I’ve read all the other books too — I don’t think you have to read them in order to enjoy this one. There’s a connection to characters from the other books, but it works as a stand-alone just fine.

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  5. Most of these are new to me — but I do have Wintering on my TBR. I have a feeling its the sort of book I’m going to need to read soon. I love essays and I barely read any of them this year. Plus, I am hopeful it will get me in the mood to survive this winter… Which I’m sure you can relate to.


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