The 1936 Club: What I’ve Already Read


Thank you to Stuck in a Book for hosting The 1936 Club–a fun way to read books from other eras. By club week, April 12-18, 2021, just read one book published in 1936. I’ve encountered problems before from using bestseller lists. Books on bestseller lists are not necessarily published in that same year. The pickings so far are not great–especially sine I’ve already read the blockbuster, aka Gone With the Wind, too many times to count. Take heart–there are a few Agatha Christie books from that year and they are readily available. Down below my “already read” selections, I’ve posted some of the possibilities for 1936 reading.

1936: The Year


1936 saw Franklin Roosevelt re-elected as President of the United States. In the U.K. it was the Year of Three Kings. George V died, Edward VIII abdicated, and George VI, the father of today’s Queen Elizabeth II, became King. The Nazi Berlin Olympics was the feature of the summer. The Spanish Civil War began and Italy’s second war in Ethiopia was also going on in1936.

What I’ve Already Read


1936 Books

I will likely choose one of these for the challenge, though since I’ll be back in classes, I’m betting the third volume of Churchill’s life of Marlborough will have to wait!


11 thoughts on “The 1936 Club: What I’ve Already Read

  1. I have also read the two you read and enjoyed them both. Ferdinand was one of my favourite stories as a child, but I was born much later than 1936. 😁 None of the others call my name.

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      1. Now I feel free to let loose my true feelings on Faulkner, I kind of held back. (didn’t want to offend just in case you were a big fan). As an English major in college I read pretty much all his works, was mystified by every single one, class discussions being the only way I could get enough info to be able to pass an exam since I could not get a grip on any part of his works via my own readings. To this day I get an involuntary grimace on my face just at the mention of his name. Now Daphne du Maurier, I love her books, I fall right into step with them. Ahh, the grimace is fading now, I feel better!

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  2. I missed your post in December! I love Daphne du Maurier’s books too although it’s been years since I read them. Rebecca is my favourite and I’ve re-read it several times. I’ve read three of these 1936 books – Gone with the Wind, Jamaica Inn, Murder in Mesopotamia, and South Riding. I’m curious about The Rubber Band – I haven’t read any of Rex Stout’s books!

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