Japanese Literature Challenge 14


The host, hashtag, and dates:

From the host blog, Dolce Bellezza:

As in years past, it will run from January through March. We will read books in translation (unless you are able to read Japanese), and review them on our blogs. You may also choose to leave thoughts on social media with #JapaneseLitChallenge14. I have now set up a review site for you to leave links, as before.

My Interest

I enjoyed this so much in January 2020, that I’ve signed up again! I may not be able to read more than one book due to my graduate classes starting up again on the 11th, but I’ll at least do that. I’m not doing as many challenges as in 2020, but this one I still want to do.

The One I Want To Finish


I was loving this, after several failed attempts, but ran out of time and decided to hold it over for this year. The Makioka Sisters by Jun’Ichiro Tanizaki and translated by Edward G. Seidensticker.

Other Possible Books

Will you be participating in this, or any other, reading challenges this year? Leave me a comment or a link to your post.

4 thoughts on “Japanese Literature Challenge 14

  1. I am so glad to have you again, and I think that finishing The Makioka Sisters is a worthy pursuit! I, too, have I Am a Cat, but I haven’t read it even after hearing so many good things about it. Maybe this is our year!☺️

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  2. I’m glad this is happening again and will enjoy watching people joining in – I unfortunately don’t have any Japanese books on my TBR and I am being careful to only do challenges I can do from the TBR, apart from my own Anne Tyler (re) reading project which I am mainly doing from my own shelves. Good luck wit it!


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