Review: Heading Over the Hill by Judy Leigh


My Interest

I so enjoyed Judy Leigh’s Old Girls Club that I knew I’d go on to read her other books.  I like her books because people over 30 get to have fun, romance, and, well…a life!

The Story

Dawnie Smith and Billy Murphy have been married for years and years. They’ve raised Lindy Lou and Buddy, and have recently made their home into a multi-generational one with their daughter, her daughter, and their great-grandchildren. Now it’s time to let the kids have the place and strike out on their own to a seaside retirement where Billy can tinker with his Harley-Davidson and blast his rock music or beat on the drum set and Dawnie can have room for her vintage clothes and wig collection. Oh, and both would like a nice kitchen. While they get to know their chosen area they land in a real dive of a townhouse on “Maggot”..er..Margot Street. The man next door is an old grump who assumes the worst about people and his wife lives in dread of his next barked command.

Fortunately, the other neighbors are great–their Lester who also loves Harleys and his shy wife Ursula, there’s Aud and Sylv who work at the hospital, Vinnie and his Bruce Willis-adoring 86-year-old mother and friends of friends. While Dawnie and Billy search for their dream retirement place, the make friends, and make a new life. As the neighbors get to know the newcomers, secrets come out, love is found, love is healed, and all are glad Billy and Dawnie have landed on Margot Street.

My Thoughts

There were a few moments when I thought the conversation was too contrived, but in the end that didn’t really matter. Judy Leigh’s stories are fun and loving and this one is no exception. I’d love to know Billy and Dawnie and all of their new friends.

My Verdict


I listened to the audio version

5 thoughts on “Review: Heading Over the Hill by Judy Leigh

  1. I do enjoy Judy Leigh’s books for the same reasons you mentioned. It is nice to read about people close to my age enjoying life. Wonderful review, Lisa.


  2. I have not read Judy Leigh before so am happy to find out about her. So many wonderful authors, so little time to read them all. My daughter gave me a sign to put on my desk. It says: “Life is Short. Read Fast.” So true.

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