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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had or Jobs I’d Like to Have In Various Books and one TV Show



I’d love to be the librarian in this story–that influential school librarian who made such a difference that she was the librarian of the midnight library–the guide and coach. I loved this book. I am a librarian, but not a school librarian and never considered being one, but my high school librarian was a great source of encouragement in all areas of life. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.



I grew up in love with horses then fell in love with books, and finally became a librarian so being one of the librarians on horseback would have been a dream job. Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Michelle Richardson.


Martha Gelhorn is enjoying quite a renaissance right now. I’d love to have been a war correspondent in World War II London and Europe.  The Race For Paris: A Novel by Meg Waite Clayton.

I would have loved to write for the WPA! Imagine–the state guide series the WPA produced are classics today. Both of these books, one a novel, one nonfiction, deal with different projects of the WPA Writer’s Project. The Truth According to Us: A Novel by  Annie Barrows and The Food of the Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky

I have a manuscript going out to agents this year that features a bookmobile at the start. I think that qualifies me to drive one, don’t you? Plus, my college BFF’s mom drove her town’s bookmobile for many years–the lady could parallel park a tractor with two grain trailers attached!  Now, the bookmobile in this book stops at a rather more important address: Buckingham Palace! While I’d rather be head of the Royal Archives at Windsor, helping a certain little old lady with a headscarf and pocket book to choose reading material would be fascinating without doubt! An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennet.



Oh to have been a researcher in the Bartlett White House!! The adrenaline rush! I wanted to work as a Congressional staffer, but in ’84 I’d never heard the phrase “policy wonk”(and didn’t have the money to move), but oh the Withe House! Amazing! The Congressional Research Services is a dream as well.

I have a work in progress about a great landed estate, I love that world. I would have loved to have been the personal librarian of a wealthy industrialist or aristocrat. Imagine carte blanche to collect on a subject or subjects? Wow! The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.



I spent most of my Peace Corps daily job time cataloging a backlog of books in agricultural research station libraries. I find cataloging kind of mind-numbing, but for this book shop I’d gladly have sat there and cataloged. Even with rationing going on. I’d love to have gone on buying trips, but given the times and being a woman, I’m pretty sure Frank would have done that–not me. 84 Charing Cross Road by Helen Hanff.


I spent many years as a law librarian in law firms and previously worked as support staff in a law school library. To work in the law library at Harvard might just be a Holy Grail, but then so to would be working at the main office of an enormous international law firm. The Supreme Court? I’d probably have to have a J.D. and don’t want to do that. I think, honestly, the international law firm would be my preference. The Paper Chase by John Jay Osborn. The Associates John Jay Osborn. Biglaw by Lindsay Cameron. The Brethren by Woodward & Bernstein.


These were two of my favorite books read in high school. I’d love to have been the librarian at the fictitious Devon School in A Separate Peace or at Deerfield, where Johnny was a student in real life. Imagine the influential parents–in those days the fathers, but maybe a few famous mothers as well. I’d love to have helped Johnny’s father, influential journalist John Gunther, with his research. How many other fathers would have liked a helpful librarian? Like the lawyers I worked for, I’m sure none would see me as anything more than “the help” so no harm in the relationship to their treasured way of living. But, what fascinating assignments could I have had? Can I please be forgiven for now confusing these two with the school where Jeb Bartlett’s father was Headmaster and Delores Landingham was the secretary? Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther.

And the big duh

Yes, of course, I’d want to work at Hogwarts. I’ve had the hottest crush on Malfoy’s Dad for years and years. Oh my… Pass me that misting fan of Blanche’s from the Golden Girls!


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20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had or Jobs I’d Like to Have In Various Books and one TV Show

  1. Well this was fun to read. I didn’t go a bundle on the book The Midnight Library but I’ll join you in hankering to have the role of guardian of the library.
    What would I chose if I were to do this list: bookseller and librarian would be obvious choices. As a child I had a dream of being a ballet dancer (yes how predicable) so would go for one of the young ballerinas painted by Degas in the Painted Girls.

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  2. I loved this list and your comments. What a wonderful career you have had and currently enjoy. I just started reading The Midnight Library and I think it’s going to be a winner. I also recently loved The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles.

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