Review: The Survivors: A Novel by Jane Harper

My Interest

I’ve enjoyed Jane Harper’s previous books so of course I wanted to read this one! I like listening to the Australian reader, too. I do not read or listen to that many thrillers/mysteries so this was a step out of my routine too.

The Story

A hometown tragedy reasserts itself when Kieran and Mia come home with baby Audrey to help his mother cope with selling her seafront home and care for her husband with Early Onset Alzheimer’s. While there a new tragedy strikes the community. Old rivalries and jealousies flare. Is there a connection between the tragedies?

My Thoughts

This was a good story, but not as good as the other two books by Harper that I’ve read. I found myself getting confused–which might not have happened if I’d read it instead of listening to it. I could have flipped back to a past chapter and sorted it out. It is still a good read by an author I now consider a “must-read.”

My Verdict


The Searches: A Novel by Jane Harper


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6 thoughts on “Review: The Survivors: A Novel by Jane Harper

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  1. I just checked my log and see that I haven’t read anything by Jane Harper. I probably won’t read this one. But will keep name in mind, just in case.

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    1. I always remember though that I’ve been writing one book for 5 years. Once you get a contract you are expected to churn them out. I’d like to think some authors cringe at what goes out after book two…. 🙂


  2. I enjoyed this one, but it was the first of hers that I read/listened to. I am really looking forward to the others, especially as many people have said they are better.


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