Top Ten Tuesday: Funny Book Titles

My Favorite Funny Book Title–and a great cover!


Some Authors Who Have Great Titles

Humorist David Sedaris has a deft hand with a funny book title.

Back in the 70’s Erma Bombeck was sort of the nation’s Mom. She was really funny. Carol Burnett even starred in a tv-movie made of The Grass Always Greener Over the Septic Tank.

I used Mother–Daughter Duo Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella in the funny books post a few weeks back, but it’s hard to beat the titles of their collected essays.

Doonesbury was a HUGE part of my younger life. I used to own nearly all of the books. I eventually sold them for gas money when unemployed. I still have the large format ones.

Christo’s father was Conservative icon and National Review founder, William F. Buckley. At one time he had “F— Off” tattooed on his hand in a way that it showed when he saluted. Yeah. Nancy Regan clutched the drapes.

John Powers captivated Boomer Catholics in the 70s with his stories of growing up working class Catholic in Chicago where among his early childhood thoughts were picking out the kids condemned to have Sister Lee as their teacher next year. He moved on to the sins of white table cloths and patent leather shoes. Finally he hit commuter college and the meaning of life. My Dad’s late cousin was a Benedictine nun in Chicago (Chicago born and raised too). She started in ’48 and for many years taught school in Chicago. These books made laugh so hard remembering her back in the days when she wore the full, long habit.

Other Random Funny Book Titles

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Funny Book Titles

  1. These are awesome. Seems the books are as funny as the titles themselves. I always switch to humor when feeling the blues, so I am going to save these recommendations for sure. Thanks a ton!

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  2. I’ve read some of Erma Bombeck’s and David Sedaris’ books. I laughed at the titles and the content. Loved the titles you chose. Another funny writer is Dave Barry. The entire list made me laugh!!

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