Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR Possibilities


First, my apologies! I looked at the schedule and got the wrong topic last week. So, if you missed my

Funny Book Titles TTT post,

just click on the linked words to go to last week’s post.

Second, my Spring TBR. I’m reading seasonally this year as one of my reading strategies. A few of my books are on-going and will take all year as I read them in each month or season covered. I’m not listing those. I am, however, listing a couple of possibilities for the upcoming 1936 Book Club challenge.

Yes, I’ve listed more than 10 books. Inevitably something will disappoint or not come in on time or I just won’t be in the mood for one or more at the moment I start a new book. So “possibilities” rather than an exact TBR.

Some Spring Reading Choices

1936 Book Club possibilities

Read more about the 1936 Book Club event here.

Fiction Possibilities

Some new, and two from back lists Or I may not read any of these–too often when I do these posts I then don’t read the book!

Nonfiction Possibilities

I have received a few gifts of nonfiction and have bought some. Maybe I should read them? Or not!

Other Possibilities

Checklist Manifesto was recommended by the co-worker with whom I read Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez. Feasting Wild just caught my attention as an interesting sounding foodie book. The collection of essays called Laundry Love gets a try because a) laundry is the one housekeeping chore other than cooking that I’m good at and that give me satisfaction and , b) I’ve been enjoying essays for a change so I’ve kept looking for more. Matthew Mc Conaughey’s book is “out there” for me, but two very different people I know in person and one YouTuber I like, Christine of Frugal Fit Mom, have all recommended it so I decided to at least try it.

Why not join the fun next week? You can read the rules here.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR Possibilities

  1. Ooh, so many look great! I do want to read Jamaica Inn — it’s been on my to-read list for years now, and I just need a push to actually do it. The idea of reading Laundry Love sounds really funny to me — a whole book about doing laundrey?? — but hopefully it goes well beyond the main topic and is an interesting read. Enjoy!

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  2. There are so many books on this list that I want to read! But my TBR stack is now taller than I am, I think. I really enjoyed seeing your list and good luck with your reading.


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