Top Ten Tuesday: Places In Books I’d Love to Live


The Houses


Gatsby’s Mansion on Long Island. Yes, I too loathe movie tie-in covers, but this is like my copy–with Robert Redford in what was called an “ice cream” suit due to the colors. It’s a gorgeous movie. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


I’d love to live in an amazing tree house like the one in Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss. Take my advice, read THIS translation and toss the Scholastic Book Club version. I am all for the Scholastic Book Club, but they did this one dirty!


Glenbogle Castle in Scotland sounds good, if you can keep warm! I loved the t.v. show except for the awful last season. I started the book earlier this year but can’t find it. When I find it again I’ll finish it. Monarch of the Glen by Compton McKenzie.


The family’s retreat in Texas sounded good. Was there a lake? BBQ goes well with a lake. I’ll take it. I’d love to live in THEIR White House or THEIR Kensington Palace, too, of course! Red, White, & Royal Blue: A Novel by Casey McQuiston.


The actual house of this story doesn’t fare too well (no spoilers) but ANY Frank Lloyd Wright house would be a joy! This book was my very favorite of the year it was published. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.


I wasn’t impressed with the book, but I’ll take the Churchill’s country home, Chartwell, any day! Lady Clementine: A Novel by Marie Benedict.

The Community or Neighborhood


Either the family home or the flat in London–both have a great community. The Switch: A Novel by Beth O’Leary.


This neighborhood! These ladies get along and support each other! The Wildwater Walking Club: A Novel (Book One) by Claire Cook.


Their rented townhouse might be a “tip” (i.e. a “dump”) but they have great neighbors–I’d love that! Heading Over the Hill by Judy Leigh

The Scenery


Imagine how beautiful a home in the mountains would be! I loved being in the Rocky Mountains, the Blue Ridge, and the Smokey Mountains. The Eight Mountains: A Novel by Paolo Cognetti.

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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Places In Books I’d Love to Live

  1. I love your take on this week’s top ten Lisa. I thought of homes, which is why I added Bluebell Castle, but you did a great job with it. I would love to live in a treehouse like the one the Swiss Family Robinson lived in, but maybe only for awhile in the fall when it is not too hot or too cold.

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  2. This was a lot of fun to read. I read the Wildwater Walking Club. The only kind of house I’d truly be happy in would be a Beach House!!!

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