Daphne du Maurier Week, May 10-16, 2021

Thank you to Heavenali for again hosting Daphne du Maurier week. May 13 is Daphne’s birthday! I look forward to participating.

What I’ve already read

I’m not a fan of this cover, but The King’s General is my all-time favorite Du Maurier (so far). It’s currently on sale for $1.99 for Kindle in the USA.


I miss unique book covers. Branding an author can be too blah–this one clearly illustrates that. The House on the Strand is my most recently read novel by Daphne.


As tie-in covers go, this one isn’t that bad. Rebecca is, of course, an amazing read. Laurence Olivier was pretty amazing in the movie version, even though there are changes to the story. I’ve not made it through any of the more recent film versions.


My Cousin Rachel was a good read, though I, for once, predicted something that happened.


I read and reviewed this biography of Dear Old Daph: Manderley Forever by Tatiana de Rosnay


What I Will Likely Read


These are the two I own–both are languishing on my Kindle. I’ve included Loving Spirit in my list for a few Classics Club Spins, but the correct number was never called. So, it will be one of these two unless I can find an audio of another that I haven’t read. I seem to be doing best with audio at the moment but have started on Jamaica Inn too slowly to finish it for the 1936 Club week.

The Extras


So many choices! I have these two lovely books above and more (see below) on my Kindle to dip into during the week as well. Below are the “extras” to choose from on my Kindle.

Are you a Daphne fan? Are you joining in? Leave me a comment with your favorite of her books or a link to your own Daphne Week post.

15 thoughts on “Daphne du Maurier Week, May 10-16, 2021

  1. I LOVED Rebecca when I read it a few years back, and love the story of Jamaica Inn (watched the mini-series, but haven’t read it yet). I’ve got a few of her novels here that I’m very excited to sink my teeth into.


  2. I have read just one of her books: Rebecca. And that was many years ago so I recently got a copy and put it on my TBR shelf so I can read it again. It’s still waiting for me to pick it up!!


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