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20 Books of Summer 2021



No rules, just right isn’t QUITE the deal here, but it’s very close to that. Sign up, think of the books you’ll read, do a post (or not) and on June 1 start reading! It ends on September 1. Easy-peasy. Our host, as always, is Cathy of 746 Books. (Click the linked text to go to her blog and read all about it). In a week or so she’ll have the link-up page up on her blog and you post the link to your announcement post there–got it? Easy. I’m terrible at planning my reading. I usually lose interest after I announce them, but I’ll be nice and give some possibilities in case anyone else wants ideas.


Most anxious to read? The top three in the  top row (below).


Most anxious to read? Again, the top three in the  top row (below).

It would be a miracle if these turn out to be the exact 20 I read! I have to get most books from the library and since Covid getting audios takes forever. I buy some–the Churchill and royal books for example, but the rest come from the library.

I am also sticking to my idea of trying to read seasonally for part of my books. I have a few “summery” titles here and others in mind for that cause. Then there is my backlist reading–authors I’ve discovered I truly enjoy and go back and read ALL of their books. Barbara Pym, Anne Tyler, Daphne Du Maurier, and a host of other–you can read more about that here. I imagine there will be a new Classics Club spin this summer, so I will want to read that book. There may be a readathon I chose to join in with too. And then there is just grabbing an audio for my commute when I need one and nothing has come in! I also planned this year to try to read a few books I already own. I really liked Book Club Mom’s video this week about her efforts on that–maybe she’ll inspire me by example and I’ll pick something up I’ve been ignoring and love it!

I’d like to do my library’s adult summer reading program but, unless the rules have changed this year, you must get the books from the library. We’ll see–if they come in fast enough and I’m motivated that could work. [Translation: Don’t hold your breath on this]. I  am also doing more professional reading at the moment as we pivot, transition, re-invent, imagine, create, etc., in the university in the wake of COVID. Those books may take some of the spots I’ve mentally allotted to lighter fiction.

Will you try to read 20 books this summer? Leave me a comment or a link to your own 20 Books of Summer post.

16 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer 2021

  1. I should have put Road Trip on my list, but I will read it regardless. I have Three Words Goodbye on my wishlist, so I might add that one if my wish is granted. Enjoy whatever you decide to pick up for your twenty books.


  2. I’m reading Malibu Rising right now, so it isn’t in my list for the 10 Books of Summer (I can’t do more than that). Three Words for Goodbye and The War Nurse are both on my list as well!

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  3. I don’t dare make a list because, for sure, the reading won’t happen if I do. I know how negative that sounds. I somehow manage to always get side-tracked. I am always reading though and order a lot of books from the library. The most popular ones always take a while to get and while I wait for them to come in, I grab a book from my TBR shelf. I admire you for all the reading/listening you do!! I love looking at the books/titles you post.


    1. I get most of it done stuck in the car. I’m back commuting 3 days per week–about 70 minutes each way. That covers a lot! This week it’s about 90 minutes because we don’t have classes so I have to commute at peak rush hour.


  4. You have a great list. Thank you especially for sharing two titles I had not yet seen—Survivors and Seafarers. Good luck!

    I’m hoping to read twenty of my 1001 Children’s Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up.


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