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Review: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding by Julia Strachey

My Interest

I love reading older books and Persephone Books, now in Bath, reprint older books mostly be female authors. This one, which I also own in print, went on sale for $2.99 on audio so I bought it

The Story

There is a wedding happening. Gifts are everywhere. The staff are scurrying. The brother is wearing green socks–appalling for a young gentlemen from Rugby [School]. There are all sorts of vapid problems of manners. A ga-ga old lady comes to see the bride. This review gives you a way better idea. And so the other goes on with what seems to be a first draft–so many times I lost the plot because, was there one? Here is another review worth reading.

My Thoughts

This is a very short audio only about 2.5 hours long and was reasonably priced. Those are the two good points–and I hate saying that about a Persephone book. The old lady viewing the bride, in spite of being rather Starkadder-ish, got very annoying, very fast. I’m glad I was right–Kitty and Dolly were from Anna Karenina. That was my only “aha” moment. This book was a mess and had I not read the review I linked to above (I’ll link it again here and the second review mentioned above) I’d have no clue what went on. For lasting only 2.5 hours this was a tedious book. Like taking a local bus when you need the express.

My Verdict

2.0 at most


For once the movie looks good–I’ll try to watch it soon. I might make more sense, but with “Cora, Countess of Grantham” (Elizabeth McGovern) in it I might be even more confused. Here are NPR’s thoughts on the film.

7 thoughts on “Review: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding by Julia Strachey

  1. Ha ha, Cora isn’t my favorite DA character by a long shot. Sorry this one didn’t live up to its promise!


  2. I think I can safely skip this one based on your reaction. I wonder whether you would have had a different reaction if you had read the book rather than listen to it?


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