June: Spell the Month in Book Titles


Jana at ‘Reviews from the Stacks‘created this fun book post.



I read this in college in a Soviet history class. It was mesmerizing –true terror, like true crime, is so  much more horrific than fiction. Journey Into the Whirlwind by Eugenia Semenovna Ginsburg.


Nancy Horan’s Loving Frank is an all-time favorite of mine. This book, about Robert Louis Stevenson and wife Fanny, is also an excellent read. Under the Wide and Starry Sky: A Novel by Nancy Horan.

Review from my old blog: Like LOVING FRANK this story was enthralling! I found myself sitting in the parking lot at work or the driveway at home and listening to “just a little more” each time. Fanny, likely bi-polar, was a fierce protector of her husband [Robert] Louis Stevenson. Their shared quest to find a place to restore his health, their love, their passions for their work–all added up to a very fascinating story. No spoilers, but the end hand me in tears–it hit very close to home mirroring a scene in my own life.



The life of the Yummy Mummy is never easy, is it? Notting Hell: A Novel by Rachel Johnson. Review from my old blog:
“Notting Hell pokes fun at London’s trendy uber-rich neighborhood. A full cast of characters and an appendix “Notting Hill for Beginners,” makes this a good poolside read! Having lived in a local version of Notting Hill, I’ve laughed till I nearly peed over this one! Updates the 80’s “Sloane Ranger Handbook” in a way. Just as comical, just as accurate. I may check out her other book, Shire Hell, too!”



I devoured James Webb’s books in the 1990s! The Emperor’s General by James Webb.

Did you do Spell the Month this month? Leave me a link to your post.

3 thoughts on “June: Spell the Month in Book Titles

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  1. I have not read any of these, Lisa, but Under the Wide and Starry Sky sounds very interesting. I am going to see if my library has the audiobook.


  2. All sound good and it’s impressive you could spell June with the titles. Thankfully it’s a short month name, lol. Journey into the Whirlwind sounds fascinating and I do find that things we read in college stick with us. At least several things I did have …


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