Six in Six 2021

Thanks to Jessica at Bookworm Chronicles, whose post alerted me to it being time again for this fun meme. And, of course, thanks to Jo at The Book Jotter for creating Six in Six. Essentially it works like this: after 6 months of reading share 6 books in 6 categories. You can go to Jo’s post linked in the previous sentence to read all the great categories.

One more thing, to make it harder I always TRY not to repeat a book. Some years that isn’t possible. This year I succeeded. You can see two additional categories at the end in the form of links to other posts on this blog.

Six From the Non-Fiction Shelf

Six books from authors I know will never let me down

Six authors I have read before

Six physical books I have read

Six books I read on my Kindle

Six books I must mention that don’t fit nicely into any category

Books I DNF in the First Half of 2021

Link to my post


My Favorite Books of the First Half of 2021

Link to my post

Past Years’ Six in Six posts

Six in Six 2020

Six in Six 2019

Six in Six 2017

Six in Six 2016


Have you participated in Six in Six? Leave a link to your post in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Six in Six 2021

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  1. This is the first I have read about Six in Six. I found it very interesting. I would love to read so many of the books you’ve listed. Congratulations on all the books you have read this year! You are amazing!

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    1. I have a very long commute–down to only 3 days a week post-Cornoa, but it’s still over 7 hours, so I listen to audios. Plus, where I live, just to go to Walmart is 45 minutes each way, Kroger about 30! I get a lot of listening in. 🙂


  2. Well done for succeeding this year in not repeating a title or author in your list! I never try doing this, as I simply don’t read enough! 😅 Also great to see Daphne du Maurier, Agatha Christie and Wide Sargasso Sea on your lists. 🙂

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