In and Out Book Tag

Rick MacDonnell is a book guy on youtube I’ve recently found and enjoy. This Book Tag sounded fun so here are my answers.

In and Out Book Tag

1. Reading the Last Page First: Never

2. Enemies to Lovers: As long as there is no Outlander-like forced sex, it could be ok.

3. Dream Sequences: Not after Bobby Ewing all those years ago.

4. Love Triangle: Hmmmm possibly.

5. Cracked Spine: On a human–no. On a well-loved personal copy of a book, sure.

6. Back to My Small Town: It depends. Not if it’s as dumb as a Hallmark movie, unless I’m in the mood for as dumb as a Hallmark movie that is.

7. Monsters Are Regular People: No. Only Frankenstein.

8. No Paragraph Breaks: NO

9. Multi-Generational Saga: Yes if they are historically accurate and beyond the 300 page book club limit AND have family trees included. I used to LOVE these–R.F. Delderfield’s God is an Englishman is a great example. Today they are too short and often silly.

10. Re-Reading: I have favorites I re-read for comfort, but at 59 I don’t feel I have time for that. But if I keep getting DNFs, I’ll re-read.

11. Artificial Intelligence: Ugh–no sci fi

12. Drop Cap: Pretentious, so no.

13. Happy Endings: Love ’em

14. Plot Points That Only Converge At the End: It depends

15. Detailed Magic System: NO

16. Classic Fantasy Races: NO

17. Unreliable Narrator: Another “it depends”

18. Evil Protagonist: How evil? Probably not, but “it depends”

19. The Chosen One: WT??? I don’t read stuff like that.

20. When the Protagonist Dies: Maybe

21. Really Long Chapter: If well-written, sure.

22. French Flap: Pretentious, but sometimes ok.

23. Deckled Edge: Pretentious, but sometimes ok.

24. Signed Copies by the Author: Why not?

25. Dog-Earing Pages: Of course not!

26. Chapter Titles Instead of Number: Doesn’t bother me


My Additions

27. Dual timelines: NO MORE! None. Linear please. I’m so sick of finding “Grandma’s old Scrapbook” type stories–I can just see the swirling tv screen as we go back or forward in time.

28. Untranslated French or Latin or other phrases. TRANSLATE IT

29. Female WWII Spies. Ugh, ENOUGH. There were more female spies than male soldiers it seems.

30. Intentionally raunchy sex scenes that appear crammed into the story to check some box: NO Keep self-pleasure, odd positions, graphic details etc for e  r  ot i  c a .

Please take time to watch Rick’s video at the top of this post and while you are there, give him a thumbs up!

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  1. Good answers – I have been known to take a sneaky look at the very last page, especially if I’m getting bored with the story.

    Oh – I loved R.F. Delderfield’s God is an Englishman books too. For some unknown reason I gave my copies away years ago and now really regret that.


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