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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Want With Me While Stranded On a Deserted Island


Desert Island….hmmmm… no volleyball, no Ginger, Mary Ann, or the Professor. The professor would LOVE my Kindle–I could load it up and he could figure out a way to recharge it with coconut cream pies and sunshine. Guess I’ll need to stick to print books though.



The One

In the 1970s there was a version of the Bible–The Book–and it had a catchy, fast-pasted jingle about “come on America, discover The Book.” (See below). It had it all–“romance and mystery” etc. The ad was right. Weather you read it as literature or read it in faith The Bible has it all. I’d want this version because it has even more–it has maps, explanations, and commentary articles. While it might be nicer to have a side-by-side King James and NIV for the beautiful language of the King James Psalms, I’ll take this version, this translation.

The NIV Life Application Study Bible

Diaries and Letters

I would want a couple of good juicy diaries and letter collections. James Lees-Milne’s diaries in a one volume compilation would be perfect. Lots of juicy gossip. Pepys, too, for I’ve never finished reading his great diary. For letters someone interesting like, Queen Victoria or a Mitford sister or some other erudite person who led an interesting life. A fictional diary or letters collection would be fun–maybe another outing of the Provincial Lady would be a good fit.

Travel Books


Paul Therox always comes to mind, and there are a few of his I haven’t read, but political travel by John Gunther or Martha Gelhorn or Lorena Hickok’s WPA reports would also be good. I’ve got this one going–maybe I’d take it with me? The Grand Tour: Around the World With the Queen of Mystery. Agatha’s travels might just be the thing.


Although I don’t normally review them (because I don’t read them cover-to-cover) I enjoy dipping in and out of cookbooks for part of my reading pleasure. Stuck on Gilligan’s Island with only Mary Ann’s endless Coconut Cream Pies, I’m pretty sure I’d want a cookbook or two to savoir. Here are a couple that have recently caught my eye.

History and Nonfiction

While Prince Harry and his wife are doing their utmost to destroy any interest I have in my royal library (once so lovingly collected) I’d still need some history. Plutarch’s lives or Gibbons Decline and Fall would be ideal–something to really sink my teeth into. I’d likely want something from on the Civil War, WWI and WWII as well. A biography or two. Maybe some other type of nonfiction. And, of course, I’d want my favorite historical couples along, so Nicky and Alix would be there.

Music, Comedy, and Fun stuff


Books of Noel Coward’s plays and lyrics, songbooks of the Beatles, Doonesbury cartoons, Far Side cartoons and maybe one silly book like a Mad Libs. Maybe my Catmas Carols book or some cat poetry, too.

Some Beauty


,A book of photos of Jeremy Irons, George Clooney, Simon Williams and a few others to dine with. The Edwardian Lady’s books, would be a lovely thing to look at–to remind me of the seasons. An art book or two. a book of country house pictures, when my hut grows dreary. A nice book of horses, dogs, and cats would be perfect company just about any day.

A Box of Old Friends

Scarlett & Rhett, Ralph & Meggie,  Kerry & Missy, Auntie Mame, James Herriot and friends, Calin Becker, The Ladies of the Club, and so many others who would cheer me up when I got too lonely. My own characters, from my yet-to-be-published books would be my greatest comfort though.



I’d miss my series books–The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Chief Inspector Gamache most of all, but in addition to the favorites box, I’d need some fiction I’ve never read before, too. War and Peace would fill the bill well. Proust perhaps, too. So many great authors I haven’t gotten to yet–any of them could make the journey with me.

Would you pick any of these? Leave me a comment. Or give me the link to your TTT post.

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Want With Me While Stranded On a Deserted Island

  1. I like the mix of books you’ve listed. I did toy with Pepys too but realised you can get only selected diary entries in one book, so if I read that I might be frustrated that I didn’t have all of them

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      1. I’m afraid I’m hopeless with Shakespeare unless it’s Lambs Tales from Shakespeare. I have to see the play performed or listen to it. I can’t read them to save my life. I spent an eternity in the library one Saturday listening to a bad cassette recording of King Lear, following along in my book to do my paper on it. I’m almost as bad with the KJV Bible.


  2. I had never given any thought about what books I’d want with me if I were stranded on a desert island. Other than my Bible which would be my first choice, I would need to give this topic a lot of thought on what I’d take with me. You certainly have some interesting choices, most of which I’d like to try.

    Liked by 1 person

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