Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall 2021 To-read List

I am a little leery of doing this post. I have a pretty bad track record at actually reading or listening to the books I put in this type post!

New Books

Colson Whitehead has become a “must-read” author, so unless it turns out just not to be for me, I WILL finish Harlem Shuffle.

I enjoyed Naomi Ragen’s The Sisters Weiss and have a few others by her on my TBR, so An Observant Wife is a “likely” read.

Series Books

I plan to treat myself to an Audible subscription. The library’s e-audio books take months to get now. I am truly disgusted thought, with Recorded Books, for changing readers for the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series after 20, yes TWENTY, books! I’ve heard it was over “cultural appropriation.” So, like Sean Connery playing an Arab or Liz Taylor wearing “light Egyptian”-toned makeup to play Cleopatra? Or the “colorblind” casting of Hamilton? 20 books made Lizette Lecar THE Voice of the series. It was ridiculous to toss her out. The new reader has totally changed the personalities. I’ll have to read this one and imagine I’m hearing Lizette read it. The Joy and Light Bus Company by Alexander McCall Smith.

Robert Bathurst (my beloved Sir Anthony of Downton Abbey) is the “new” reader of Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache series. Sadly, the wonderful first reader died. He got a special tribute from the author to explain the change in readers. Bathurst does his own thing, does not try to mimic the late reader or anything silly like that, but does so in an unoffensive way. I was disappointed in the last Gamache book, so I’m looking forward to this one which is back in Three Pines. The Maddness of Crowds by Louise Penny.

Seasonal Reading

I have so enjoyed reading seasonally this year that I may continue it, if only a little. Here are two I hope will work out for me this Fall.

Possible Choices for Upcoming Reading Challenges

This year I cut back on Challenges to read seasonally, but found myself missing doing them. So, I’ve casually added a couple back in. I plan to do more challenges in 2022. For now I’m thinking about German Lit month again, Nonfiction November which I’ve done many times before, Novellas in November (hopefully a few of these can do for more than one challenge?), and if I can find one, maybe a Christmas book challenge in December.

Leave me comments or links to posts about your favorite reading challenges. I’d love to try some new ones.

Why not join the fun next week? You can read the rules here.

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall 2021 To-read List

  1. I do want to start reading Pym’s work soon! I’ve heard such great things of Excellent Women, and now here you’ve mentioned Quartet as well. Thanks for the recs, and I hope you enjoy these.


  2. Gamache books are always better in Three Pines, aren’t they? I mean, the Paris Book was…all right, but it was missing so much. I also have Harlem Shuffle on my list. This looks like a good-book fall. 🙂

    Here’s my list—https://fiftytwo.blog/2021/09/21/ttt-ten-books-im-looking-forward-to-this-fall/

    Happy TTT!

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  3. I have the new McCall Smith on my TBR, also! It’s nice to fine another soul who’s still reading the series! I read Madness of Crowds last month…..enjoy!


  4. Your list was so interesting. I loved The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead but haven’t read anything else by him. I will be looking for your review of Harlem Shuffle.


  5. Madness of Crowds didn’t wow me as much as earlier books in the series.
    Quartet in Autumn is fabulous.

    Whether you get to read them judging by your first sentence, is another matter but making lists is great fun anyway.

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    1. Right now if I can READ in print that’s a victory. Audio is keeping me going. I have great reading days again, but nothing consistent since we went home to work during COVID. Working at home was a dream life for me, but something about this mess makes reading so hard. Listening is great.


      1. That’s sad to hear. Things hear are getting back to something approaching normality (restaurants open etc) but it still doesn’t feel right especially because case numbers are rising. My audio intake has dipped in the last year because I wasn’t able to go to the gym.

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  6. It is really hard to stick to a TBR list, isn”t it? I’m reading An Observant Wife right now, and I’m really enjoying it. I haven’t read The Sisters Weiss yet, so maybe I’ll look for that one next time I’m checking out library books. I hope you enjoy!


  7. I don’t seem to have done well with my September reading plans even though I’ve read lots of books – not sure what’s happened there. But I don’t have many NetGalley books published in October and November so maybe I can catch up with myself somehow.


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