Books With Titles in the Title!

Thanks to What Cathy Read Next for this idea. Won’t you please take time to click here to read her post?

Titles in this case mean titles of address–Mr., Mrs. Lady, Duke of, Sargent, General, etc. Cathy was limited to 10 books due to the rules of the game. I track my reading so went back quite a ways as I became fascinated by how frequently this type title featured in my reading history! Cathy and I had two titles in common-Miss Pettigrew Lives for the Day and Entertaining Mr. Pepys.

I omitted “Professor” and “Headmaster.” I also skipped royal biographies and one other Mrs. Lincoln book.  I’ve read the vast majority of these, the others were found on my TBR.

7 thoughts on “Books With Titles in the Title!

  1. How could I have missed Dear Mrs Bird or The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie! Well done for coming up with so many others. Someone who also commented on my post issued a challenge for books with ‘Dr’ or ‘Professor’ in the title. The only ones I’ve come up with that I’ve read is The Heresy of Dr Dee by Phil Rickman and The Professor by Charlotte Bronte.

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  2. It was really fun to see your titles. I’ve read a few of them. It would take me forever to look through my book log for books with titles in the name. My log is from many years ago and all hand-written. They are listed by author so it’s easy to find a title though.


  3. What a great list. I have several of these on my TBR or have read them, but so many others that are not familiar to me. I should see what I can find on my TBR and put a post together.


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