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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves


Most of these relate to historical fiction–but not all. There are plenty more!


Historical inaccuracies


Mangling of titles or forms of address


Sexual-shock-scene de jure


Modern opinions, speech, or behavior in the wrong era


Stupid nicknames or names no one had in that era


Overuse of cliches and stereotypes


Finding Grandma’s scrapbook, treasure trove of letters or diary


Tossing manuscript in the air and publishing in that order: i.e. too many timelines


Assuming because you read French that the whole world does too


No maps, family trees, of “cast of characters” at the beginning

Why not join the fun next week? You can read the rules here.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. Your comment about stupid nicknames or names that don’t fit the era makes a lot of sense. I don’t like that either.


  2. I could not agree harder with 3 and 4, but dying at number 7 because that’s gotta be in my top ten list of things that DRAW me to a book. I guess that’s the combination estate-sale-attender and genealogist in me?

    Also, true story re #9: the main reason my English-major mom steered me toward French in high school instead of Spanish like her (and like I originally wanted) was that she was always so bummed she couldn’t understand the French phrases scattered liberally across classic literature and didn’t want me to feel the same. Turns out she made a good call; I’ve been consistently surprised how much it turns up, and it’s not restricted to classic lit either.

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  3. Excellent list Lisa. I agree with all of these except #7. I like those secret letters or diary to show why a character is searching the past, but obviously that is personal preference.

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  4. I came back to re-read this one after your last one. Seven seems to be the excuse for eight these days. “Oh, the book would only be about 200 pages long, so maybe I’ll add a second timeline in the present day and have some descendant of my main protagonist find an old diary or letter of theirs so they can start investigating to find out their ancestor’s “secret”.”!

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