A Weekend Getaway and Books to Go With…

My best friend since the days of the Glory of Old I.U. and the 10th floor of [presidential hopeful and native son Wendell] Willkie Quad and I went on a little history-geek adventure  this weekend.


Gerac’s Restuarnat in Cleveland (Shaker Heights, I think)

On the map of Ohio, I live between Cincinnati and Portsmouth–down on the Ohio River. My bff since college and I went off on a history trip this past Friday. We started in Cleveland. Yes, Cleveland, Ohio. No longer “the mistake on the Lake [Erie].” We had Geraci’s pizza for lunch–it was profiled on Food TV a few years ago and deserved the nod. It was really GOOD! Here’s their website.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

From there we went to a focal point for our Baby Boom generation (though, being born in ’60 and ’62 respectively, we are a little bit Boomer and a little bit whatever came next. We were not Howdy Doody and Sky King Boomers, but Flipper and The Jetsons Boomers.) Still, THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME is a must for all Boomers–whether you are a Fats Domino Boomer or a Bon Jovi Boomer. Not an Osmond anywhere–my big brother will be thrilled to know this. He wouldn’t let me like the Osmonds. Hence my Beatles obeisance. Now, let me tell you, I am a museum freak but this one is GREAT.

Having just endured the death of Rolling Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts (did you know he bought and wore some of King Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor’s bespoke Savile Row suits? Read more here) we were both ready to pay some homage. While, we were both shocked by how SMALL Elvis was–among other things (Elvis’ last performance was in “out” city–Indianapolis and the now demolished Market Square Arena) this is a world-class museum. There is something for everyone here. It was the Beatles and Stones for me, with a little Elton John, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, The Supremes, Billy Joel,  The Boss, Tina Turner, and others thrown in.

Admittedly, The Garage, was not for either of us, but we both had a great time seeing the exhibits and remembering our favorite songs and artists. Here’s the website for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Here are my book recommendations for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Later this week, I’ll tell you about a few other stops on our trip.

12 thoughts on “A Weekend Getaway and Books to Go With…

  1. I’m going to love the posts about your trip! Cool idea to include related books too. The pizza looks delicious, and even though rock ‘n roll isn’t really my thing, I’m sure I’d have enjoyed the museum. How long a drive do you have to Cleveland?

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  2. I, too, will be waiting for your posts about your trip. I always enjoy Susan’s so much. I am a little bit familiar with Ohio since one of my daughters lives in Grove City and works in Columbus. However, I’ve never been to Cleveland so I enjoyed learning about the pizza restaurant and the museum.

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  3. I was born in 1957 and my husband in 1948 so we were definitely Boomers. We loved our visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, several years ago. It is such a great place, I need to go again, as it has been several years. Sounds like a wonderful trip with a BFF. I read ME, but that is the only one. The Tina Turner book really interests me.

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  4. The Hunter Davies book on The Beatles is the absolute best. My husband is a huge fan so he has just about everything written about them but still views Davies as the gold standard.
    McCartney has a book just out in which he shares his creative process for his lyrics – the price is eye watering though at £90 so I think we’ll give it a miss


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