Top Ten Tuesday: November! The Busiest Reading Month of the Year!


This weeks topic is “Online Resources for Book Lovers (what websites, podcasts, apps, etc. do you use that make your reading life better?).” I had nothing. So, I’m going rouge and telling you about all the great up-coming November reading challenges!

Nonfiction November


I look forward to this most years. Nonfiction that reads like a novel is a favorite of mine.  Here’s the schedule with links to the various host blogs. I have several books in mind for this and, whenever I can, they are dual purpose–meeting the needs of more than one challenge, when that is allowed.

Week 1: (November 1-5) – Your Year in Nonfiction with Rennie at What’s Nonfiction

Week 2: (November 8-12) – Book Pairing with Katie at Doing Dewey:

Week 3: (November 15-19) – Be The Expert/ Ask the Expert/ Become the Expert with Veronica at The Thousand Book Project:

Week 5: (November 29-December 3) — New to My TBR with Jaymi at The OC Bookgirl

German Literature Month XI



Here are the plans for German Literature Month XI

German Lit Month on Lizzy’s and Caroline’s blogs

All timescales, genres and destinations are valid choices provided the work was originally written in German.

Caroline will be focusing on books set during the run-up to WWII, the war itself and its aftermath, including historical fiction set during that period.

Lizzy will be hosting the weekly schedule below:

Week 1 November 1-7 From or set in Austria

Week 2 November 8-14 From or set in Germany

Week 3 November 15-21 From or set in Switzerland featuring Dürrenmatt Day on 18.11.2021 to commemorate his centenary

Week 4 November 22-28 Elsewhere

Week 5 November 29-30 Here, There, Anywhere

In addition, there are a couple of readalongs.

11.11.2021 Inventory of Losses – Judith Schalansky (hosted by Lizzy)

26.11.2021 The Passenger – Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz (A Literature and War readalong hosted by Caroline).

I’m not  yet sure I’m up to all of that, but had picked out three German novels in translation that I might try.

Go, Went, Gone

All for Nothing

Käsebier Takes Berlin

Novellas in November


For the second year in a row, Rebecca of Bookish Beck and Cathy of 746 Books are co-hosting Novellas in November as a month-long challenge with four weekly prompts.

New this year: each week they will take it in turns to host a “buddy read” of a featured book they hope you will join in reading. They’re announcing the challenge early to give you plenty of time to get your stack ready. (They suggest 150–200 pages as the upper limit for a novella, and post-1980 as a definition of “contemporary.”)

I’ve already read Helen Keller and Ethan Frome, but I might give one of the other Buddy Reads a try!

Here are two I’m thinking of:


Australian Literature Month aka “Aus Reading Month”


Bronasbooks has all the Aussie details.

I’m thinking of either of these–which I learned were novella or almost-novella length:



The latest Classics Club spin reading period is mostly during November, too! I’ll be reading….The Face of War by Martha Gellhorn.



Karen’s Books and Chocolate has details.

This one is TOO ambitious for me this year, but I still want the word to get out about it.

Does anyone know of a Christmas book reading challenge? Not one for children’s books though. Leave me a comment or a link if you do, please! Also, leave me a comment of a link if you are participating in any of the challenges I listed here!

35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: November! The Busiest Reading Month of the Year!

  1. I love Nonfiction November! It’s one of my favorite reading events, I get so many great recommendations, and I like the weekly post topics. That’s a lot of November challenges, I hope you enjoy them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the idea of reading more Australian books for sure.

    There is the HoHoHo readathon coming up, not sure if it’s a challenge per se or more just a readathon but in case you want to check it out…

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  3. Thanks for highlighting these challenges. The novella one sounds interesting and definitely like the idea of reading more Australian books as I love some of the Australian authors that I have read.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am doing two Christmas challenges!! The first one is on my blog with books I plan to read, and at the bottom I have linked to two other blogs that had Chrsitmas books too that are different than mine (genre wise) https://cindysbookcorner.blogspot.com/2021/09/top-ten-tuesday-20-books-for-christmas.html and the second can be found here, it’s a ho-ho-ho readathon, I am excited about both: https://caffeinatedbookreviewer.com/2021/10/2021-hohohorat-sign-up.html


  5. I do not participate in Non-Fiction November as I doing my Christmas Reading, but I do enjoy reading everyone’s posts. There sure is a lot going on though.


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