Day Two of My Getaway: The Afternoon & Evening. Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?! …and Lobster?


The Pro Football Hall of Fame is not exactly the first place that comes to mind when you know me! But, my Dad was a huge Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings fan. A fan of all three you ask? Well, the Bears were top, but if their games wasn’t televised we watched the others. I’m glad he got to see them win the Super Bowl–it was so long in coming.

Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, George Halas, and later Walter Payton and Jim McMahon were such a part of Dad’s Sundays. Back in the Super Bowl Season I had a huge crush on McMahon! And, who can forget the movie Brian’s Song about Brian Piccalo and Gale Sayers–the first white and black NFL players to room together. In band my freshman year we played the haunting “Brian’s Song” theme–it honestly makes me teary just to hear it. (Sadly, they remade the movie–it was awful. Stick to the original with Billy Dee Williams and James Caan).


Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Hall of Fame was impressive–very well done. What surprised me was learning that my hometown was once an NFL city. Who know! The Muncie Flyers, also called the Congerville Flyers (for the Congerville Athletic Club). I knew the Detroit Pistons NBA team started out in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, but I had never heard of Muncie ever fielding an NFL team!

I would highly recommend a visit to any NFL fan. There were enough variety in exhibits to keep a casual fan, as well as a fanatic, interested. Best of all you can experience a pep talk to keep you going–a halftime talk from BOTH George Halas and the great Vince Lombardi! Now, who doesn’t need that kind of motivation to drive up to Canton?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame website.

Budd Dairy Food Hall


Budd Dairy Hall photo is from their website.

We drove home via Columbus to have lobster. Wait…lobster in Columbus, OHIO?? Yep! Cousins Lobster has both a physical location and food trucks in Columbus! And what a fun venue–the Budd Dairy is now a food hall. In an area that appears to be all-out gentrifying, but nicely so, this is a super little place to gather with friends. I especially liked that there was not a high-chair or coloring sheet in sight. Now, don’t flame me–I have kids and lived to tell, but when I go out with friends I want to be among adults. I get tired of having to overhear “Do you need to go potty?” all the time or have to deal with people who change diapers at the table (truth). So while there were a few children in tow, this was a place aimed mostly at adults. You ordered your food, found a table on any floor, ordered alcohol if so inclined (we were not) and had a great time. The building is nicely restored and comfortable. I’d gladly have tried ALL the restaurants!

The great food offerings at Budd Diary Food Hall

But, back to the lobster.

I watch almost no t.v. so have never seen a show called Shark Tank, but Cousins Lobster was introduced to America on that show apparently. I found it, how else? In the book!

Since I first tasted lobster on my Great-Uncle’s lap when I was about 5, I’ve loved it. Boiled or broiled with tons of butter! But, I’ve never had a lobster roll so that’s what I wanted to try. There are two types: Maine and Connecticut. we went with Maine–supposedly it has mayo, but I could not detect even a hint in mine. No matter, it was lobster and it was delicious! Best of all for Midwesterners, tater tots came with! I will drive back any day! Read their book–it was fun. I did not review it because I had to return it before I finished. Do read their book: Cousins Lobster: How One Food Truck Became a Multimillion Dollar Business. You can read more about Cousins Lobster in Columbus, including the menu and food truck locations, on their website.

8 thoughts on “Day Two of My Getaway: The Afternoon & Evening. Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?! …and Lobster?

  1. What a great way to wrap up your trip. I am a huge hockey fan, so on one of our trips down south, my husband and I stopped in Columbus to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets play the Toronto Maple Leafs. I was impressed with the city and we said we would go back another time to see some other things, but sadly did not make it back. I will put it on my list for places relatively close to home to visit. I will definitely try Budd Dairy Bar.

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  2. What a fun trip!! So many neat things in Ohio. I love the Budd Dairy Bar; kind of reminds me of Reading Terminal Station in Philly where I stopped on field trips to DC with the girls? I’m not even a lobster fan, but the lobster roll with tater tots looks so good!

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  3. Your afternoon and evening sound like so much fun! I would enjoy seeing and doing all you experienced. I, too, love lobster. I had a lobster roll on Cape Cod one summer and it was delicious! Since moving to Florida, I don’t see them on menus! LOL!

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