Ready? Set! Read! Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon!


The nice graphic is by Nicole @Colefree224

#DeweysFall2021 #DeweysReadathon #Readathon


I posted my possible reading choices here, but now due to Six Degrees of Separation coming up, I’ve downloaded the audio of  What You Are Going Through by Sigrid Nunez, which is just 6 hours in audio. I gave it a short listen (10%) and it rates an “ok” [very small “o,” very small “k”] so far.

I’ve downloaded all sorts of things for November. Yet, maybe I’ll just read something for the fun of it? After all, there are no “reading police” who come get you if you fail at a challenge!

I’ll have to do my 4 hours of Saturday work, but if I’m lucky it will be dead and maybe, just maybe, I can read? If not I’ll charge ahead after 2 pm.
Everyone ready? 12 hours to go!

Good Luck Readers!


I enjoy reading your comments!

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