Addams Family Book Tag!

Let’s continue the Halloween book tag trend with this Addams Family Book Tag.

ZeeZee With Books did an Addams Family book tag several years ago (check it out here) but she based the gifs and such she included in her post on the 1991 movie, which she loved as a kid–and I loved as an adult. However, today’s Addams Family Book Tag was created by White Rose Stories, who loves the 1964 TV show edition of the Addams Family. This is new to ZeeZee because she didn’t know the Addams Family had been around for so long. She thought the 1991 was the first one. Sadly as a Boomer (though barely-1962) I was in the initial Adams family generation. I still love it. I can still sing the schoolyard, un-p.c. version of the theme song from circa 1967, too. (Proud, not proud). ZeeZee included the gifs she saw in Rose White’s post here, in case you’re unfamiliar with the 1964 show too.

This will be a very hard one to do without resorting to old favorites I’ve used to death. Hmmmm……

 Morticia Addams — A book containing your favourite character


AUNTIE MAME is ONE of my very favorite characters. I don’ thave A favorite character.

Gomez Addams — A book about unconditional love


Unexpected, but unconditional. Akin by Emma Donoghue


Wednesday Addams — A character with a… special hobby


Lady Violet works on and rides (astride) on motorcycles!

Not the normal thing for aristocratic ladies today, let alone in the early 20th century.

Pugsley Addams — A character that is both normal and abnormal



Grandmama — A book that ended up being more fun than you thought it would be


The Switch by Beth O’Leary

Lurch — A character that reminds you of Halloween


Mrs Danvers!

Thing — A book with an amazing sidekick



Lula is the world’s finest, kick-a## sidekick. Sidekick par excellence! Day glo spandex? You bet! A bucket or chicken or a box of donuts just when you need it? Sure thing. Lula. Sidekick of the Ages. Stephanie Plum would be nothing without her!

Grandma Mazur is almost tied with Lula though. Grandma–the one you want on your side, unless she’s packing a sidearm! She can find the cookie plate at any funeral. That’s a super power.

Uncle Fester — A weird but lovable character



Aristotle, the octopus — A book where a character has a unique pet



Ruth Zardo’s pet duck, Rosa who only says “F—“

Charles Addams — An author you would like to thank in person for the world and characters they created

So many authors!

Cousin Itt — A memorable, non-human character



IT, not to be confused with Cousin ITT above, the evil disembodied brain with powerful abilities that controls the planet Camazotz [Wikipedia]

Kitty Kat, the lion — A book with a lion on the cover or in the title


Born Free

The Cemetery — A book set somewhere you feel at home



Well, if you can boogie down like these two, then I tag you!

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  1. This post has left me speechless!! It’s so much fun for me since I’m old enough to remember everything about the Adams Family. I watched from the very first time. One of my favorites! You did such a great job on your comparisons. You amaze me!! Happy Halloween.


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