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Novellas in November 2021



For the second year in a row, Rebecca of Bookish Beck and Cathy of 746 Books are co-hosting Novellas in November as a month-long challenge with four weekly prompts.

New this year: each week they will take it in turns to host a “buddy read” of a featured book they hope you will join in reading.

(They suggest 150–200 pages as the upper limit for a novella, and post-1980 as a definition of “contemporary.”)

First, The Novellas I’ve Read so Far Since Last November

Most recently read novella



A Mackenzie Yuletide by Jennifer Ashley (link is to my review)

Some of these may be a little longer than the suggested limit, but they were “quick” reads.  I included December of 2020’s books, too since that completes a reading year since the last challenge. You can find my reviews by using the search feature–sorry I was pressed for time!


The Buddy Reads

New this year are 4 weekly Buddy Reads [see photos below]. I have to say, this put me off.  I hate to say that since the bloggers who host this fun event have gone to a lot of trouble to make it new and exciting and, maybe, just maybe, even lure new readers to join.  But, I’ve already read two of them (no interest in a re-read) and am not very taken with the other two. I’ll likely skip those and keep to the traditional schedule [below these photos]:


The Traditional Schedule

2–8 November: Contemporary fiction (Cathy*)

9–15 November: Nonfiction novellas (Rebecca*)

16–22 November: Literature in translation (Cathy)

23–29 November: Short classics (Rebecca)

*The name indicates which blogger is hosting that week.


Here are some of the books I’m considering:


Hopefully one of my German Lit Month choice will “do” for the translation week–I need to look at the page count. If not, I have Vivian (written in Danish) on my Kindle. And, the short nonfiction will also count for Nonfiction November! Win-Win-Win! Plus a Christmas Novella for the Christmasy reading thingy and at least one of my Australian Literature Month selections is novella length, too! Hoot!



Do you like Novellas? Are you participating in Novellas in November? Leave me a comment or a link to your own post.

11 thoughts on “Novellas in November 2021

  1. Thanks for participating again this year! I hope you enjoy whatever novellas make it into your stack. I’m glad of the reminder about Passing by Nella Larsen — I have a dual volume that also includes Quicksand, so I was forgetting that each one is short.

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  2. I’m participating but not only am I not doing the specific reads, I’m not going by the themed weeks, either (this week I’ve read books from the 1860s, 1929 and 1931!!). But I’m still enjoying taking part, with my 15 volumes incl 16 novellas and one extra I might have bought …


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