20 Books For Christmas Review #3: A Cherry Cola Christmas by Ashton Lee


My Interest

I read the earlier books in this series and enjoyed them. Author Ashton Lee used to sell to libraries and actually knows what librarians do!


Map showing Mississipi

The Story

In Book 4 of The Cherry Cola Book Club series we learn that our beloved Cherico, Mississippi is hitting the skids. Crime is up! The construction on the longed-for new library is slow, and businesses are fixin to leave! Is Councilman Durden Sparks having a change of heart? Can Maura Beth believe him? What does a Country Western Star eating at the Twinkle have to do with it all? Best of all, will Cherico get the Christmas miracle it needs to survive?

My Thoughts

My one negative thought is that Christmas was an afterthought. There is very little that is really Christmas-y here, except the idea of the rebirth and salvation of the town (thought his is not a Christian book series).

It is very hard to review a series without spoiling it for newcomers. You can read this as a stand-alone, but it would be best to read at least the first book to really get to know the characters. Thankfully, the author does not overburden readers with reminders of all that has gone on in previous books.

I enjoy this series because I am a librarian and because I live in a small town. The wiley (aka crooked) councilman and his henchmen are intentionally “over-the-top” to proivde a little giggle here and there, but Maura Beth faces the real world strugge of keeping the library open and making people see that libaries are not an anachronism. She uses the library to build Community while helping the community. The members of the Cherry Cola Book Club who meet at the library and have the literay food extravaganzas are a wonderful crew. The books they read in each installment of the series may be ones that are very familiar, but the fun they have with them adds to the enjoyment of reading this seires

A Cherry Cola Christmas by Ashton Lee


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6 thoughts on “20 Books For Christmas Review #3: A Cherry Cola Christmas by Ashton Lee

  1. Funny, this was the first in the series I read, but did read the next two after it. Yes, the Christmas event hosted by the Bookclub was the only Christmassy thing, but it was a cute story.

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  2. Oh these look really fun! Unfortunately, I can only get the first one at a decent price, everything else is really expensive. I need to come back to the US with an empty suitcase and poke around bookstores for things like these!

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  3. I have never been much into reading series. I always feel that I’m letting down the author if I only read one or two in a series. I know, I know, there is not a single author who would care!! But this old lady just doesn’t need to feel pressure about reading a book. These do sound very enjoyable though and would be light reading which is always great.

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