20 Books For Christmas Review #6: Flora’s Travelling Christmas Shop by Rebecca Raisin

My Interest

A Christmas book with a VW Bus on the cover? Since I LOVE those vehicles, and collect VW Bus things, I’d say, “Yes, please” to reading it.

“I probably need to love to a small town and fall in love with a geeky librarian who is surprisingly hot when he takes his glasses off and parts his hair on the other side.”


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The Story

Flora just can’t help messing up! A Christmas freak, she even gets fired from a Christmas store. She also can’t keep a man, but then who could when she demands they recite the names of Santa’s reindeer on the first date? When he best friend and roommate moves to L.A. to finally launch her skincare line, she helps Flora re-launch herself in the guise of a Hallmark Christmas movie heroine! (Well, they use that as a model for the re-launch, no actual filming takes place).

Flora decides to try van life–in Lapland, which is where Father Christmas lives as opposed to the North Pole where American kids KNOW Santa lives. She finds a great van and then meets a Norse God named…Conor? Hmmm….. Somehow she doesn’t know that’s an Irish name. Norse God runs the Christmas market where Flora is setting up her shop from her van.

Given the Hallmark movie theme, you can probably predict the rest, right?

My Thoughts

I loved this one from start to predictable finish. Just like the real Hallmark Christmas movies it is wonderfully sappy, totally predictable and so wonderful I wanted to hug people. I might even have been persuaded to wear reindeer antlers or something silly like that–I was THAT into the Christmas spirit.

My Scrooge-self did love this line though:

“…forcing families to be together when they are better off apart.”

Lots of wisdom in that line. I also agreed with much of Connor’s Christmas thoughts [no spoilers]. But after the sauna scene I really wish they’d put Connor on the cover in his hospital-visit costume [No spoilers]!!!

Never mind my liking of bah-humbug-ish lines, just go grab this one and read it and enjoy it!


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  1. Sounds like the kind of novel to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. I don’t usually watch the Hallmark Christmas movies but I may this year. I enjoyed this post!

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