20 Books For Christmas Review #9: We’ll Have Have a Wonderful Cornish Christmas by C.P. Ward


My Interest

This audiobook was on sale on Chirp. What’s not to love about a Christmas Extravaganza?

The Story

Lucy Drake, born Frances (as in Sir Francis Drake, the explorer) normally spends Christmas away on a solitary walking vacation. She has a social problem. It’s not farting like I thought, it’s simply her laugh. Anyway, it has always put men off. Her parents, a good natured, decent couple who live a dull, normal life with blessedly ordinary careers (I get tired of everyone being some high-flying hedge fund manager or actress) have decided to go to Cornwall and “glamp” while her father’s carpet company sponsors the first Christmas Extravaganza.

Along the way Lucy meets orthodontist Dan, his gay brother Tarquin (the name started as a joke in school), and Dan’s ex–a ruthlessly ambitious woman much like the wife of the redheaded royal. Dan is also an expert on Brussels Sprouts–not something you read in most novels today, let alone in a Christmas story. Dan finds Lucy’s social problem endearing–you can guess the rest. I’m sure.

My Thoughts

I liked this story–it was full of decent, everyday people and a baddie anyone on social media much could totally understand. Plus, what’s wrong with Santa in a sleigh pulled by female reindeer named Mike and Don? Or Santa being assisted by Robin Hood’s Merry Men? What kid doesn’t dream of winning a new lounge carpet for his family or of receiving a bathmat from Santa. And then there is the fudge…yes, fabulous fudge made with locally sourced Cornish sugar grown in a greenhouse!

My Verdict


5 thoughts on “20 Books For Christmas Review #9: We’ll Have Have a Wonderful Cornish Christmas by C.P. Ward

  1. Cute book for sure! I am thinking most Christmas-themed books probably wouldn’t mesh with my general reading. But already I’m thinking of several wintery books to read after Christmas. They match better with my Eeyore personality, lol


  2. I, too, enjoy novels with normal, everyday, people rather than those with high-flying careers. I’m convinced most authors don’t have a clue what normal people do for a living!


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