Something Different: Top Three Recipes of 2021


I love to cook, have an extensive cookbook library, and most nights fix a real dinner–even if just for myself. I have always chosen healthy (healthier?) foods, but tend to eat too much! I’ve been successful at cutting back and making real changes so you won’t find any choices here that are too “dangerous.” My taste is mine and mine alone. If you don’t think these sound good–that’s fine! But, if you do try one of these recipes–will you let me know if you liked it? None are my original creations, just ones I’ve found and loved.

Super Easy, Super Good Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner from Frugal Fit Mom: 4:06 Cajun Chicken

My adult son and I have eaten this Cajun Chicken sheet pan dinner so often this year! It works fine with frozen corn on the cob, but thaw the corn a little first. It is, of course, best with fresh corn. I’ve used both what is called “fresh thyme” at my grocery store (in those plastic clam shells) and dried. Either is fine. I’m a big Christine fan, too. I watch all her videos–often when I eat dinner alone. She has good tips and is high-energy in a way that I find helpful to me.

The upscale, but easy, and wonderful Pappardelle Pasta with Rosemary Portobello Mushroom Sauce from Family Style Food


Photo by: Family Style Food   Exact page link click here.

Please click to read Family Style Food’s original post for this great vegetarian dish! Karen Tedesco gives great advice on selecting the mushrooms and about the pasta. I confess that actual pappardelle is too expensive where I live so I used lasagna sheets I cut in wide strips. No matter–the flavor of this dish is superb. And it looks so impressive on a plate or in a pasta bowl! Crusty bread, a lightly dressed fresh greens salad and –wow! A super easy, healthy, delicious dinner.

Link to the recipe: Pappardelle Pasta With Rosemary Portobello Mushroom Sauce

The superb daily lunch dish–with or without the toast.

Marinated White Beans With Olive Oil Toast from How Sweet Eats


Photo by How Sweet Eats

I confess again: The toast made with artisan bread is soooooo good I had to quit buying the bread! I love good bread. I love good olive oil. Enough said! The marinated beans are a great, filling lunch that do not put you into an over-stuffed food coma. I have made this many times with or without the sun dried tomatoes or without the feta cheese–any version is just wonderful. The hardest part of this dish is leaving it alone to marinate until lunch time. It’s also great on a plain salad of field greens.

Link to the recipe: Marinated White Beans on Olive Oil Toast from How Sweet Eats

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