Book Two by Ellen Cooney. Review: Thanksgiving


My Interest

As you probably guessed, I intended to read this for the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday. I started, made great progress, got distracted, and…finally finished it as my last book of 2021. Update: Belated thank you to The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog for introducing me to this book. (Sorry this was left out when the post was published). Won’t you click the link and read her thoughts on this book, too?

The Story

Beginning in 1662 and ending in 2012, each chapter (more like a vignette) gets its title from one of the foods associated with the holiday. The first chapter is, of course, “Turkey,” while the last is simply “Dinner”–i.e. the entire meal. Through the course of the book we follow the many generations of the Morely family, their lives, the times they inhabit, the changes, joys, and tragedies of one American family at this one time of year.

My Thoughts

This is a somewhat quirky book, but enjoyable. I liked seeing the way the family changed. I thought that giving the chapters the name of a food was very creative. I liked seeing how our world evolved, how the process of feeding the family changed, and how life got both easier and harder.

This is a great read for the holiday. It’s an excellent book club choice for November, too. Just read it.

My Rating


Thanksgiving by Ellen Cooney

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