Reading Plans and Goals for 2022


2021 went pretty well–I kept with most of my goals. You can read more about them here. Reading “in season” was the most successful goal. I really enjoyed following the weather/time of year seasons in my reading. I also said I’d read more books set in my time of life and try a few more from Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club and a few other goals. I also continued doing various Challenges throughout the year that I’ve enjoyed in prior years.


For 2022, I won’t be changing much. I liked reading seasonally and want to continue it.

I have just started my first book for Japanese Literature Challenge #15–I found myself looking forward to winter so I could read Japanese books! Of course, I can read them any time in the year, but it is more fun to join in a challenge. (Some years I do not feel like doing challenges).

Reading more from a few favorite authors of my past. I picked a Leon Uris book I haven’t read–I devoured his books as a young adult. I want to see how he holds up. I do not expect to be disappointed. I will likely pick another author and read one book as well.

I will also read at least one more Daphne Du Maurier book for that reading challenge. Her books are great, but are not my normal ‘thing.’

I am loving all the Dean Street Press/Furrowed Middlebrow books! I plan to read more of these this year for sure. (No, they do not pay me! I’ve never even had a review copy from them).

I also want to read at least one more Persephone book this year.

I want to catch up some of my Netgalley books I said I’d read and review–I’m very behind.

One book in translation from a new-to-me-country. I’m doing my own Read the Globe or Read Around the World, so I’d like to make progress on that again in 2022. I just found the European Reading Challenge (more next week) which should help with this goal since it is all year long.

Still undecided about the Irish and Welsh Literature month challenges. I’ll just see what’s available and not plan anything.

20 Books of Summer is a likely–it’s easy.

Spanish and Portuguese Lit month in the summer is a good one. It gives me a really different book to find and look forward to reading.

More nature reading–especially another of Stephen Rutt’s books. I loved Wintering.

I plan to do the Classic Club Spins, but like so much else late in 2021, I failed to read my “Spin” book. I may just read it for the next spin and ignore the rules (in a very nice way, of course!) I’m having to get creative on “classics,” too. So many of the ones I have left are huge and that just is not working for me these days.

The hardest choice will be in November. There are too many great challenges in November! This year I failed miserably due to losing my job that month. I love Nonfiction November. I enjoy German Literature and Australian Literature–both of whom have their “month” as November. Then there is Novellas in November and various Christmas challenges starting then or running then. There are several others in November as well.


How about you? Do you set any guidelines, make any plans, set goals, or similar for your year’s reading? Leave me a comment or a link to your post–I’d love to check out your plans–maybe I’ll tweak mine thanks to yours?

14 thoughts on “Reading Plans and Goals for 2022

  1. They sound like great plans. I’m also trying to catch up with NetGalley and would like to read more Dean Street Press and Persephone books too. Good luck and happy reading!

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  2. There are so many challenges out there to choose from, Lisa. I am going with some that I will use more for tracking such as Audiobook Challenge, Beat the Backlist, Non-Fiction and a couple smaller ones. In March I read books for Readinig Ireland and also participate in 20 Books of Summer and 20 Books for Christmas. Otherwise, I just want to mood read and enjoy. I hope you have a great reading year.

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  3. It’s nice to see what your goals are for 2022. I have no goals! Other than read, that is. I commit to 10 books a year for my job, but other than that, I like the freedom to pick whatever I feel like reading. I’m woefully behind on my NetGalley reads – I’m sure I’ve been blacklisted! Happy reading – I’ll be interested in seeing your reviews 🙂


  4. That’s a lovely set of challenges. I’m only doing challenges I can fulfil using my print TBR again, no new books for them. So I am doing NordicFINDS at the moment, as I had seven books set in Nordic countries on my TBR anyway; then I’ll do Nonfiction November and Novellas in November again; 20 Books of Summer; and Wales, Ireland and Australia IF I have books for those countries on the TBR. I am also doing my own Larry McMurtry challenge all year. I have kept up with my NetGalley books every month since August but have some older ones I need to pick off, too, so that’s one thing I plan to work on. Happy reading!


  5. Lots of interesting challenges. Spanish and Portuguese months sounds interesting and something I might look into since I’ve read next to none from there.

    I agree on November being overloaded with challenges. This time I managed only two of the three I’d hoped to join in but will try and plan better in 2022

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      1. Wish someone would. Between NetGalley commitments and all thr challenges it was very hard. This year I think I’ll try and focus on books that fit more than 1 challenge.


  6. I don’t really make reading goals or do challenges — I love the freedom of just looking at my “to read” list and choosing what sounds good at the moment. I do want to re-read a few favorites this year. I’m impressed by your goals!

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  7. I never set reading goals since I read when I can and occasionally try to read something on the current best-seller list. Often I’m disappointed in what is on the best-seller list but I keep trying. Also, there’s always my stuffed TBR shelf!!! Good luck in reaching your goals for 2022!!! I’m looking forward to your reviews.

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    1. I’m telling you–try Dean Street Press’s Furrowed Middle Brow–all are so good and no explicit sex or horrible situations or revolting language. You can order them on Amazon. Ohio’s public library’s (regional) even have a few.


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