Out of Your Comfort Zone Reading Challenge

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Thank you to blogger BookChesireCat for hosting this creative challenge!

Reading challenges are not for everyone. They aren’t for me EVERY year. Lately, though, I’ve been enjoying them. Therefore, whether I participate or not, I like helping to get the word out. Especially when you have all year to participate.

I tend to read in my niche. Sometimes getting out of my niche helps. The Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge is designed to do just this–get out of your reading niche. I’m not going to stand her and say I’ll use this to come to love sci fi, fantasy, or Dickens, but I will try to read a few books this year (I try every year but don’t always succeed) that are distinctly out of my reading comfort zone. Knowing others are trying to do the same thing via this challenge may just help. I am hampered this year by being unemployed [not to beat a dead horse saying that over and over] so buying things is not always possible–I will be at the mercy of what I can get at the library or super-super cheap on Kindle.

Some areas I traditionally try to improve at are:

  • Not-quite-fantasy What I mean by this is a book like Sarah Addison Allen’s Sugar Queen. It isn’t outright fantasy but there is a fantasy element. I’m reading one such right now (review next week).
  • Almost Sc-fi. The only book I’ve found like this is Madeline L’Engle’s Wrinkle in Time (which I loved)
  • Male authors–I’m lacking in male voices. Maybe that’s an area I can work on? After all, I certainly like men.

Taking a look at what I haven’t read or have barely read is revealing:

  • Chinese authors–I’m not sure I’ve read ANY. My experience of reading China is through Western eyes–and mostly in the era of Imperialism and Colonialism.
  • History of non-Western nations or of marginalized minority groups in Western nations. I live in a neighborhood whose street names are straight-up cultural appropriation. I do realize that’s totally wrong, but it wasn’t in the late 1960s when the place got started. Maybe I can focus on Native Americans?

Have you read any of these areas much? Can you recommend some good reads? Leave me a comment or link to your own post.

10 thoughts on “Out of Your Comfort Zone Reading Challenge

  1. I’m definitely trying to read out of my comfort zone this year by reading more non fiction. I certainly don’t have a problem reading male authors as a lot of my favourite fantasy authors are male 😃I’ve read some Chinese based books but I think that the authors were often American of Chinese heritage. I don’t know if that makes a difference.

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  2. Loving your blog, also love the idea of reading outside your comfort zone. Reading first nations authors is great, it is something I am trying to do as well, for similar reasons.

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  3. Hm… this sounds like an interesting challenge… I would like to read a bit more out of my comfort zone. I might not sign up formally, but I’ll get back to BookChesireCat with books I do read!


      1. OK, I’d suggest David Olusoga’s “Black and British” for the UK (I’ve read this one) and Nikole Hannah-Jones’s “The 1619 Project” for the US (or Alex Haley’s “Roots”, which I see as fiction but is good on the feelings behind the history). I haven’t read 1619 but I’ve heard very good things about it. My post from Nonfiction November with my list of social justice reads might garner some for you too, although it has a UK bias https://librofulltime.wordpress.com/2021/11/15/nonfiction-november-week-3-be-the-expert-ask-the-expert/

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