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Nature Reading Challenge 2022


This has been Challenge week here! I was happy to find each of them, but a Nature Reading Challenge really fits with my enjoyment of reading nature books. Thank you to blogger Gum Trees and Galaxies for hosting this one! And, thanks to blogger The Bookstop by Curly Geek for introducing me to it.  (Yes, I will make a list of all the challenges I mention this year–whether I participate or not).

Sign-up HERE please

There’s a fun bingo card to download, if you like, in this post.

What I Want To Read (so far):

I already plan to read another Stephen Rutt book, so there’s one–maybe two! Here is a link to my review of his book, Wintering.

The Seafarers came out in 2019, and The Eternal Season comes out on Kindle in May, in hardback late in the summer.


In my recent post of Books I didn’t get to in 2021, I mentioned The Diary of a Young Naturalist as one I regretted not getting to. Since I own it, it will be a must-read this year for this challenge. How fun that this book is mentioned in the bingo card post linked above!

If you are new to nature reading, here are a books I recommend beyond Wintering, which I mentioned above.

That Quail, Robert  My mother read this aloud to us and I have reread it several times, but do not have a review of it to link to so the link is to Amazon.

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Sound of A Wild Snail Eating

Hidden Life of Trees

Do you enjoy nature reading? Do you have favorite nature books? Leave me a comment or link to your own post–even you post for this or a similar challenge. Word-of-mouth (should that be “word of blog?”) is how most people learn of challenges and of good books!

8 thoughts on “Nature Reading Challenge 2022

  1. So many wonderful titles; The seafarers is on my to read list as well this year. Really loved Diary of a young naturalist in the end, especially appreciated the insight it also gave into living with autism and The hidden life of trees is a fascinating read. Welcome to the challenge!


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